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  1. Wish you best of good luck with the future and with new positions.
  2. You're not second #rekt btw gratz all of you, especially default
  3. 02.04 and still in TG
    Not april fool!!

  4. We won't disappoint you, Twisted Crew!
  5. DeHusky

    Darmos Solo Pack

    Thanks for sharing PS: Best maps are v4 and v5 :3
  6. I guess it's better to close this topic due, people keep accusing everyone without sense, i guess the best choise is to close the topic and re-open when have new news (new news OP).
  7. -1 It's totally ugly firstly Then we are Twisted Gamers not Vita, so please don't ruin it, i know that you saying us ideas, but this is not Vita, im sorry but i prefer the Bar actually, actually TG = BAR LOBBY the only one, so i hope this not be put, cause it's SAME of Vita changing only GUI
  8. DeHusky

    New trials!

    Not gratz, Always peoples saying "gratz gratz" let's change :P
  9. At first i was disappointed about that fusion, cause i never liked Vita as clan (Not by people which are in, i don't know about them) I always stayed far away from @Vita, but meh.. why not? Give chance to everyone, Many peoples saying now "&%*$ this is shit" only cause TG will accept only 4 - 5 peoples so bad.. Anyways gratz to these people, and good luck for you guys, hope will see back TG PS: For people which say "usky licker xDDicisdidsi" i am not. Today i played on TG for uhmm 2 - 3 hours? And i saw that most of Vita are friendly and also available to help someone, the bad thing which i saw that players attacking them without any sense.. Good Luck :P
  10. Everyone leaving founders/co-leaders whatever for do apply on TG, im waiting for Bauss or Sniper right now.

  11. Why people ask me to vote their join request? ROFL!

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    2. Mondim
    3. Tobster


      Getting Thanks, on your join request doesn't increase your chances of getting in.

    4. ReazZon
  12. Good Luck with new trials, enjoy to stay in TG ;)