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    The end

    Abit late but nonetheless I can't deny the fact, the first MGM I played on MTA, home of trainers cuz nobody else had a good training server/arena and decent amount of maps. If not the first, then second most populated race server of its time. Rip. (Sometimes you just can't some things, even when left behind) https://imgur.com/a/H5OJH https://imgur.com/B5LFjDh
  2. Remember when we had fun here? No? Oh well okay.

  3. Thanks to Reazzon for the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvIcd4zvOzg&feature=youtu.be ►Music Adventure Club - Dreams (feat. ELEA) ►Credits Infernus by Micra
  4. About time @DiatroN, you finally made it in.