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  1. An english-spoken language would be more than welcomed nonetheless...
  2. Too lazy... it's not needed to remove the whole decorations tho... only the non-collisioned ones as they're annoying as &%*$... a map without decoration is... a bit weird... isn't it? And if you want it so, just get to old-school.
  3. Doing something like this will be as easy/hard as 'i' thing was...
  4. That'd be awesomely hard if not impossible... I don't believe there's such thing...
  5. Kuro do you even play MTA? :o nice signature tho... you got me shrekt
  6. Hey, sup well, as we all know, 'i' reveals invisible objects in a DM map. What about making something like 'o' to make any non-collision object disappear. Or you can even merge two into one, like 'Shitty invisible objects now are visible and non-collisions are removed". I really think it is useful for everyone... I'd love to see that Cheers
  7. Hey Dragon, nice to see Dragons still come around nowadays
  8. Well maybe not my pace to give you an answer but as far as I know Zurio had no ping problems at all and if TG 3.0 is a Zurio descendant, such problems won't occur.
  9. That is a very delicate issue. I'm an awesomely experienced mapper and I can say this... You must know that the map has to be played on the same FPS it was made, to be clearer: If my map was made in 51 FPS and gets played in a 60 FPSed server you will most likely jump far higher than you are supposed to and if the opposite, you will not reach any ramp at all... ProBeLike
  10. Good job... Zurio :( Hated that black themed website so freaking much
  11. Welcome back I guess
  12. Wow... this is absolutely unexpected... however, let's see how it goes...
  13. Very nice, just why don't you try to build anything else, I mean with no rocks and trees, because nowadays that's so ordinary and you aren't an ordinary mapper for sure.