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  1. I actually tried to stay out as much as possible of this fight as I have friends both at TG and Zurio but this shit is just pathetic. Shame on you Stranger.
  2. #drama #teegee #zurr-i-oh

    1. Canky


      Sebi du Sexgranate,

  3. What I've seen so far from TG 3.0 when it was workign was amazing. Congratz to the developers - now onto bug fixing and bringing this experience also to the general public. You can do it guys! :smile:

  4. Due to the recent events:

  5. From my point of view I'd like to explain what has happened the past few months as some of you might be thinking: What happens with the "TG" TG 3.0. When we merged Vita back in September with TG the goals were simple and the progress was straight: Creating a gamemode superior to the current one. As in the news announced back then we considered rewriting the gamemode over and over again which offcourse halted development often. Furthermore I personally lost most of my time I could dedicate to the community what lead, together with Tommeh going to the army, to an mostly inactive leadership in Twisted Gamers and nearly no progress at all. In the past weeks, after the release of GTA V, I knew that my last interest in racing on GTA San Andreas was pretty much lost and that I'd like to concentrate fully on GTA:MP right now. I've been talking to the crew that this would mean that the only reasonable thing to do would be finding a new co-leader and me leaving TG for good. I must thank the team that they still want me on the team for a further server on GTA V and I am happy for that chance. With this post I would mostly like to deeply apologise to the clan, to the forum community and to all our players. I know that I fucked up and I am deeply sorry for that. I dissapointed you with what has happened the past months: Promises were made and broken. Therefor I am announcing to retire myself from TG MTA. As part of the GTA:MP team I will try to provide you an custom built TG server for GTA V as soon as the mod is avaiable for public download. This does not make up for what I did (not) in the past months but atleast it's something I feel obligated to finish. Thank you for reading.
  6. Sebihunter

    New IP

    Well seems so but don't worry: We'll be back at 150 in no time :)
  7. I'm not really in favour of resetting something they have achieved.
  8. Offcourse you got the same Skype adress as Maar1a has before, your radio stream and your radio stream is called "Maar1a". By the way: We can also check if it's the same computer you've been using and as expected: it is. This ends right here and right now: I therefor exclude you now from the Twisted Gamers server for lifetime due to lying at the whole community.
  9. I did what? Well ye it's true I am the only one who is able to do that but still I have done nothing apart from my daily fap yesterday. Idk about your country but that sounds pretty illegal mate. #chris #hansen
  10. Alright I reuploaded the resource and cleared its cache. Try if it's fixed.
  11. Well basicly that filename prevents that those "Made by" messages appear everywhere on the server, atleast where it was hookable and disableable to clear up why it's named like that. ;) Is it always the same file? Could be a problem with resource cache then.
  12. As you may have noticed we've been looking for some new trials to join Twisted Gamers and we are finally able to unveil who has made it into our team. I am proud to announce that Negativ, Castiell, Fr4nKZ and DaN made it in our team. Please you four write me a PM with your Skype adress so we can add you to our internal group. Congratulations on behalf of the whole team and thanks to everybody who has invested time in writing a join request. It was a really hard pick who we'd give the chance to join TG as most of your JRs were pretty amazing.
  13. Thanks for writing so much applications. We now stopped accepting applications and will start the internal votings on who is going to join TG.