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  1. 5K1LLZ


    1. Coronet
    2. Bravey


      man you got me confused but, I just remembered there was an ability which allows you to jump only in training room.



    3. Impzy


      Not TG Impzy :579dcf9b89edd_EmojiSmiley-01:

  2. Hey guys! Today l would like to introduce You "RC Series" Recorded by Dark#
  3. eCco

    [DM]eCco ft. ANER0 - Majestic Travel

    ahaha=D Mne vlom delat' Alphu, eto dolgo
  4. eCco

    The grand opening

    Finally suka, gz guys. (pl0x dan co-leader)
  5. eCco

    [DM]eCco ft. Noppera - Styl0

    Hellow evrione, I'm glad to introduce you "Styl0" with Noppera. Hope u will like it. Big thanks to R3L4X Production for record dis shit. "Click"
  6. eCco

    [DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance [DL]

    Coool map
  7. eCco

    [DM]eCco - Montana

    Hey guys! I'd like to present you "Montana".----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subscribe via link : Info ▷ Sincerely,R3L4X productions.
  8. eCco

    How Many Languages Can You Speak?

    1 00 1 1 00 1 1 1 00 00 0 1 1 1 00 1 00 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 00 1 0 100 1 0 11 0 111 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
  9. eCco

    Good support of admins members

    50% TG members - is bullshit, brutal reality
  10. eCco

    BrighT ft. ? - ?

    One of the best deco's which I see, very beautiful.
  11. Aloha, here is my last map with Demo and Subzer0 Track by Demo Subzer0 and eCco; Deco by eCco. Big thanks to T4ngy for recording the map<3.
  12. eCco

    [THEME] Twisted Gamers 'SX-MAS'

    Nais job swaggy
  13. eCco

    Your photographys

    Hey guys, I decided to make a topic for posting in your photos from real life. I saw this topic on the forum 6s, and decided to do it on the our forum;) I'll start it Hydroelectric Power Station on city where I live atm
  14. Why this Paranoid is map tester?
    This guy accepted more trash to the server, OS room actually have 30% trash maps.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Impzy


      No it wouldn't because as you said their first maps were made after 2012 and OS' era has ended around 2011.

    3. Lukas123


      I personally wouldn't state it had ended in 2011, but whatever.

    4. Impzy


      around 2011

      To clarify when Bauss' mapping toolbox came out, but not exactly the same date as some mappers did not adopt it straight away and continued hand-making maps for a certain period of time.