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  1. Happy birthday ratman

    1. BatzMan


      Thank you Kermit! :D

  2. Nooooooooob

    1. SquoniX


      Haha, hey! Welcome back.

  3. BatzMan

    Final News of 2016

  4. BatzMan

    Leaving everything behind..

    I'm gonna miss you forever, piczka :( Good luck in your life bro. Imma fnish our map for sure <3
  5. BatzMan

    Member update, Team war

    Congratulations Congratulations
  6. BatzMan

    I need tutorial to make Prop hunt and CTF map

    There you got our own tutorials ;)
  7. BatzMan

    Help can't upload map

    The forum says you're not logged in or cookies are disabled. If you're not logged in, try to do it, or IE = Internet Explorer.
  8. pls stahp abusing me ;c


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    2. TRiNiTY--iiReMix


      When I asked you what I did wrong you didn't answer, I think it was something about bugging the flag, which was not intentional and I also don't know how to bug the flag

    3. Suspect-san


      happens to me every time. ;_;

    4. Surflexy


      amazing theme btw.

  9. BatzMan

    Best photo took by yourself

  10. Hi! I'm probably one of the TG members who barely post anything on this forum. Fk it. During all day long i have noticed many players who didn't reach to be accepted got frustrated and felt dissapointed by what we can see in their status or their ingame logs. Maybe i'm not the most appropriate person to tell you this, due to that i never made a Join Request to join TG. But hey! i have could seen all the road and all the situations we've been in this 1 and a half year i've proudly been a TG member, and let me say that it has been really crazy. You all don't let me lie, you have seen clearly most of the things we have broken through. My invitation is to never give up. The facts speak for themselves; Cheslav (Now TG trial member) made 5 Join Requests before he could achieve it. Same example for EM1N3M, who made many Join Requests in his MTA career persevering and being loyal, even though i knew his frustration when we talked on Skype and when he got declined the past Join Requests (2015). We want active people, loyal, not just skilled. Mature, people who show us they diserve to be here! You all still can put your effort for showing us your guarantee, not your skill. You all can try it out, but only some will keep faithful. Show us you are one of those. Also keep this in mind: If it was easy, everyone would do it. Don't give up! Batz
  11. I LOVED the models! Great job. It's just fantastic!
  12. &amp;%*&#036; my desbane bane without  reason:angry: 



    1. Heibara


      @Markwebb3 "Ban Evading" If you don't know what that means translate it

    2. Markwebb3


      wtf translate it  bro my tomei bane without  reason  

      I had tomado one bane 12/02/2016 more one week I consegui  entar no servi


        depois I tomei second bane  25/03/2016 Ban Evading  wtf!!:angry:



  13. People come and go, that's the life, now it depends on how you face it, we all have our time to go anyways.

  14. BatzMan

    Over & Out

    As i typed on the Skype group Even though it was a short road watching your work, it was trully admirable Nathan, thank you so much for all what you have done and for all what you will do, Good luck in the future bro! bye den