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  1. Hey guys, finally after some months my map is out, a big thanks to NitroN for record my map, this is one of the reasons that I came back, make maps, hope you like it! Regards, SebaS
  2. Hello everyone, I hope that you guys are good and still happy playing this game. My name is Sebastian aka SebaS, I'm 21 years old and I have playing this game since 2010. Since I started to play this game, I've been fascinated for mapping, so 2 months later of playing I started to make maps full time and I created 17 versions and some featuring maps that I'm very proud. As you know, I had to leave the game for the university and work but now I'm back, less active but I'm back, feel free if you want to add me on skype: sebasrl95 I'm back to make maps and sell them. The above sentence was a joke, I never sold a map, I just want to remember old times, keep playing and why not make more maps! Cheers, SebaS.
  3. After two years without playing and mapping, I'm coming back with my next project.
  4. Coming back with the start of the v18 :)
  5. ARmada Ft ElCrow & SebaS - Rumble II My part:
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