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  1. Finally :579dcf9be4b5a_EmojiSmiley-03: took you long enough

  2. Better than most "skill" maps already.
  3. Ni.


    already? ok lol bye
  4. 3:30 bugged Nonetheless, great work both record and map
  5. I am clueless. Are you trying to make a jr or something?
  6. *likes the video only because coon made it* yeah cool nothing more.
  7. gotta give it to ya, that's autotune at full swing.
  8. map name had me confused for 10 minutes.... good nonetheless
  9. the intensity on 7:10 damn. Actually, this whole cw was intense. I was surprised when I saw TulioTC still alive and running.
  10. apart from the fact that this is basically a no-skill-just-luck map, it's pretty good, however I suggest don't slack off some parts