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  1. Hello everyone, I want to see some feedback from the people and this is not going to be my last montage. I will keep uploading them here as a ''SERIES'' of mine to give you some entertainment and I am not the only one who is going to do this, just wait and stay tuned!. Let's start then. Since today is a special day, it is Christmas day, I wanted to gift you somehow something special from my side. Yeah, the start of a series about hunter montages, especially this one is with a christmas dubstep song. On this video the edit is only about playing with ''slow motion'' and ''fast motion'' while at the same time trying to make the song drops together with the kills. But for the next ones I will be improving the edition since I do not use an editing software for a long time. I would LOVE to see a feedback from you about what do you think, what can I try, etc...(Just tell me or ask me anything, I will do what you want) Here is the video: HAPPY CHRISTMAS DAY TO EVERYONE Best regards, VonKasty
  2. Congratulations to the new trials (@GeroXinho, @Torettinho) and to members who passed it's trial period! (@Aliencipote)
  3. SK's skype: deucecarm skype: joan.salamanca Best regards, Kasty.
  4. I like it, good luck on finding ! :d
  5. 720p60 HD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skype: joan.salamanca Best regards, Kasty.