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  1. .LakSh

    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    GJ and GL with the future :)
  2. .LakSh

    CTF Summer Cup: Summary, Finale

    Nvm..(blame ping ) humour apart well played both teams :)
  3. .LakSh

    New recruits 25.07.2016, CTF knockouts

    Gratz guys :) Good luck for the future.
  4. .LakSh

    Wall of shame - 'Hackers' edition

    OWNED ..Gj admin.
  5. .LakSh

    happy topic

    Good luck and good job till date, i hope so...
  6. GJ and congratulations who passed their trial.
  7. Team Name : Legends Team Leader:.L@kSh^ Team Members: -.L@kSh^ - ARB -~|nG|~eMi~ - BrowninG - CraZy.STyLe Reserve - MatriX - Sora - Dante - Radhen(as long as he gets internet and a pc) Contact me via skype : laksh44
  8. .LakSh

    Zurio and Twisted Gamers are merging

    Finally!! Something good happened.. CHEERS!!
  9. .LakSh

    ZigeN v4 - Three Spectrums

    Nice map ;)
  10. .LakSh

    [DM] Igor's Family

    Nice video castiell and good map guys :D
  11. Nice map , thanks for sharing .
  12. .LakSh

    Four years

    Gratz guys for passing your trials :) and gj twisted gamers for giving us such a good experience. #Peace