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  1. Cathrine

    Greetings from ZeeT

    Hello @ZeeT i hope your enjoying your staying in our Community ;)
  2. Cathrine

    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to Twisted Gamers community i hope you enjoy your staying here see you soon on the server :)
  3. Cathrine

    MTA not working

    try to reinstall your mta or repack your gta files or also do try some restart your modem
  4. Cathrine

    Battle Royale

    me i prefer pubg because it so realistic (y);)
  5. Cathrine

    First steps, again

    welcome to TG Community ^^ hope you enjoy your stay here
  6. Cathrine

    [DM]Castiell Ft. ??? - Vice Senpa

    i just want the NOS cause its look cool when i used it ;D
  7. Cathrine

    [DM]Castiell Ft. ??? - Vice Senpa

    nice map what is that effects called again and the nos mod?
  8. Cathrine


    welcome to tg community enjoy your stay here :)
  9. Cathrine

    Bug in race

    @MavericK kindly post this problem at our discord in #issue channel, thank you
  10. Cathrine

    The grand opening

    Congratulation especially to @PRODaN and @MisterQuestions u did great job can't wait to see 3.0 awesomeness see you guys in 3.0 in april 6 ;)
  11. Patience is a virtue


    1. MrSweet


      I will be back TG3.0

  12. my pc is back hurray :)


  13. atm playing mobile legends while my cpu is formatting :))


  14. my pc will be alive again later. but now in computer shop center formatting my cpu hahhaha poor cat :(


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    2. Cathrine


      yea my cpu needs to take new format hahahahha and it will be alive again later i request to the technician to put deepfreeze so anytime i download any some unknown files in my pc will not affected ny pc again hahaha

    3. xT4ngY


      ooo nice. ^Pablow~[MAD]: very no problem

    4. Cathrine


      hahaha. so very no problem to :0

  15. Cathrine

    [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Sk2 - Lost in Beams

    its been a while Cosa Nostra good map keep it up ;)
  16. Ty guys for being a part of TG family and gz for other and from other player better goodluck next time keep it up ;) 

  17. Cathrine

    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Ty guys im so happy that i really appreciate to become a part of this family ;) and gz for others ;)
  18. Kizuna AI <3 :*

    1. gemi


      khe a.i lover


    1. MrSweet


      What happend my bithc

  20. Cathrine

    Dean's fast introduction

    Hello welcome to the community
  21. Hi Hello Hello Hello Hi heyo wasuup :O

    1. VenaDe


      Merhaba güzel kiz

    2. shardex
    3. NoType


      CatCornettoType pls

  22. Oi bravito stop sleeping in Hunter room Hahahahaha

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    2. xT4ngY


      bravey doesn't have time to browse on forums lul

    3. Bravey


      i didn't expect that. lawl

    4. Cathrine


      Yap because u were sleeping already i shot you 100 times already i just didnt record it hahaha. since i was already sleeping that also hahaha my brain wants to get a sleep to so i lelft ;)

  23. Cathrine


    Hi hacker :D