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  1. i like it ^^ i wish soon without roof is good to idk if its good also with spoiler but i think its better without roof for me also ;)
  2. gonna miss u cucumberino @Cumb1erO.
  3. Earn the best player in DM Arena Earn the best Prop Hunter player Beat the Hard Map (random map weekly change) Be the most Old School player (for earning higher point in OS room) King of Old School (for earning highest points from other OS players) King of Deathmatch (for earning higher points in DM room) King of CTF (for earning the higher points from CTF room) King of Race ( for earning higher points in Race room) King of Derby Deathmatch (for earning higher points in Derby Deathmatch room King of Shooter (for earning higher points in Shooter room) King of Prophunter (for earning the best kills in PH room) King of Playtime (for earning the higher playtime in the server)
  4. nais make a version one for me ;c
  5. siema and welcome in tg cummunity enjoy your stay here!
  6. Hello @ZeeT i hope your enjoying your staying in our Community ;)
  7. Hello and welcome to Twisted Gamers community i hope you enjoy your staying here see you soon on the server :)
  8. try to reinstall your mta or repack your gta files or also do try some restart your modem
  9. me i prefer pubg because it so realistic (y);)
  10. welcome to TG Community ^^ hope you enjoy your stay here
  11. i just want the NOS cause its look cool when i used it ;D
  12. nice map what is that effects called again and the nos mod?
  13. welcome to tg community enjoy your stay here :)
  14. @MavericK kindly post this problem at our discord in #issue channel, thank you