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  1. Legends can come back

  2. LethaL

    News 17.04.16

    Congrats to new members and huge thanks for those leaving.
  3. I could be the rain in your desert sky, I could be the fire in your darkest night.

  4. Congratulations to all winners, well done.
  5. Well guys, thanks for your comments, they're really important. And huge thanks to CooN for great record.
  6. Good luck mate, see you soon.
  7. Kung Fu Panda song been playing in italian radio KK

  8. Pedo Deagle failed

    1. Deagle


      He was too heavy potato

    2. LethaL
  9. Merry Christmas For everyone. Have a nice day

  10. What are you going to do before apocalipse?

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    2. Delta


      It aint funny :(

    3. Quantum


      I dont have free time to do anything these days so study study study

    4. Flake



  11. Nothing else to say. Congratz for all new members. Sad to see that KacaK left the clan :( Still I dont understand why you keep arguing, I guess this is just a game and TG is just a clan but anyways, I wanted to join too but if they didn't pick me I must wait, it just means that you're not ready to become a member. Also it doesn't matter if you keep online the whole fucking day in the server, just be friendly with everyone, behave as a mature player and have a good relationship with the members. Cheers Edit : Firts message
  12. Good job, Gonna try it once is fixed
  13. Well, congrats to Anwix, and sad to see that Lycosa left.
  14. Right now is killing time!

    1. DonXTone
    2. LethaL


      ýs not english, is japanese

    3. DonXTone
  15. KacaK I got new Renault truck and +1 employee


  17. Amazing, really good job, I love the new forum + server :DDD Meanwhile Bauss:
  18. Arezu's Birthday = UPDATE >:DDD

  19. Mr. Crowley did you talk to the dead?

    1. Hellyeah


      Ozzy Osbourne much? d: