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  1. Darmos

    Leaving everything behind..

    I appreciated everything you did, good luck bud!
  2. Darmos

    Stepping forward

    Congratulations Pitko!
  3. Darmos

    [DM] Dubst3p Ft. Mattox Ft. CresPro - TracTour

    song name plys hu3
  4. Darmos

    Over & Out

    You're a good person Nathan, I still appreciate all the effort you've put into TG, my compliments to you and your team, I wish you the best and take care!
  5. Darmos

    Expose yourself.

    the first guy plz!
  6. Darmos

    Expose yourself.

    Squad goals :* <3
  7. hi who´s the ip from the server?

  8. Still not in the list as former member, sad..

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cheslav


      Is it too late now to say sorryyyyyyyyyy

    3. Unix


      Former member list hasnt been updated in a while, it will be soon.

    4. Unix


      Updated thanks to Wolf

  9. Darmos


    *sigh* nevermind... I guess, enjoy the map people who will download it.
  10. Darmos


    why share without letting us know
  11. Darmos

    Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

    You guys deserve the best, congratulations!
  12. Vishal, you legend. We made a cool map guys, be proud.
  13. Darmos

    [DM]Cheetah -v7- Headlights

    Dumb parts, video is really nice.
  14. Darmos

    [DM] P!NG v2 - Forest Highway

    What the fok is that hunter mod rofl. Your video's are handsome too m8.