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  1. Giga

    The end

    An end of an era.
  2. Hello! It is that festive time of the year once again. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  3. These newsletters always interest me. What is great is that the community's resilience is as better as it has always been. Great work to the entire team!
  4. I thought this was one of those automated posts made by spam bots.
  5. I don't see why some people are getting so paranoid over it (just by looking at the status updates). The community will always have to see changes, no matter how much gravity that 'change' is, otherwise nothing will happen. The former co-leader had to handle a situation that is beyond his control which requires him to take a break from the community. Give him a chance. At the end of the day, nothing is permanent. Well done to those who received a promotion and I am looking forward to see what is spicing on the development side.
  6. Best of luck to everyone, especially to those who are and will be involved in the event!
  7. Great progress! Keep it running, boys!
  8. Giga

    News 17.04.16

    Well done, as always!