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    Trend is retiring

    Good luck boi, make your dreams come true and never look back !
  2. Hello Twisted Gamers, Today's annoucement has been made to inform you about things that will happen in the near future. First of all, i'd like to tell you that we finally launched our Twisted Gamers 3.0 ALPHA server. During these days we will need your help in reporting server bugs and issues. We made a channel called #issues on our official Discord server where you can report those bugs & issues. Daily updates with bug fixes or at least weekly, each 15 days or at least monthly a "big" update. After fixing those bugs we will be moving into beta state and finally our final server. Maps in rooms aren't sorted yet, we will take a look into that as soon as possible! Bar contest: Twisted Gamers' 3.0 bar contest season has been opened once again, we are looking for a fresh looking bar that everyone will like. You can post your own Twisted Gamers 3.0 bar. Take a look for examples here, you should try to make better ones as seen there: Unwarded Prizes: We've had many competitions and events, with winners and prizes - that we promised to award on our 3.0 server, which time has finally come. We did not forget about these winners! It has been a while since we were talking about TG's tournaments prizes. Let's start with XMAS OS Tournament - Prizes: @Division - 1st place - 3 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server; @Deidara. - 2nd place - 2 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server; @Canky - 3rd place - 1 week of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server. CTF Summer Cup 2016: WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money. Team Name: The Perrin Sequence Team Players: 1) @V1SH4L 2) @Siisti-C 3) @Mattox 4) @NoNameZ 5) @Dubst3p Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Tommeh 2) @fano23 Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Players: 1) @Pitko 2) @RadheN 3) @ChroniK 4) @Mecha 5) @Sirio22 Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Lukas123 2) @Krew CTF Summer Cup 2017 WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Players: 1) @Mecha 2) @RadheN 3) @Sirio22 4) @fano23 5) @Krew Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Lukas123 2) @Pitko Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Brotherhood Without Banners Team Players: 1) @Suspect-san 2) @Mazen 3) @Sora 4) @fox97 5) @Boudi Team Reserves (optional): 1) @nuRd 2) @erudos Top 10 Scorers 1: 7 days donator status + 100.000$ In-game money 2: 5 days donator status + 90.000$ In-game money 3: 3 days donator status + 80.000$ In-game money 4: 70.000$ In-game money 5: 60.000$ In-game money 6-10: 50.000$ In-game money That's everything for today's annoucement, stay tuned since there are few more to come, mostly about Twisted Gamers' 3.0 features, tasks, and few more ! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
  3. Greetings, everyone ! Today we will be announcing some news and changes in our team. Internal News: First of all we would like to congratulate our trial members that have made their way into full membership! Congratulations to: @Thomas @RadheN @gemi @Hope @Mousy You guys have done great job since the day you have joined our team, we really appreciate your work for us! Keep it up “full members” ;) Since a few of our members were taskless, we decided to rebuild our internal roles. - Clan War Manager: This is an important role, since it’s created to manage all of our clan wars. We’ve decided that for now all of our clan war squad members can vote on either accepting or declining a clan war request. Our leadership will request clan wars to other communities when we are interested in doing so. - Social Media Manager: @Mazda will handle our Twitter, Facebook and Discord. Yes, we decided to remove the Discord moderator -role. Just please, don’t share pizzas too much! - Event Manager: Events are fun, right? That’s why we’ve chosen @Mecha and @Boudi for this role! Both were in the organization team for our CTF tournament. (News about it down below.) Of course, all of our members are able to do the events whenever they want to, this role is made for the occasional events and tournaments. Best of luck! - Video Manager: @Monst3R is the one who takes this role! He already proved us he is right for this position with his streams. He streamed a few times from our server and some of the CTF tournament. What about a trailer soon? :P - Deathmatch Manager: @Thomas is already known as a DM nolifer, he helped us with uploading and testing new maps, he has the knowledge and his activity on the server looks very decent! Good luck with that boii! - Shooter Manager: We have gotten a few really good shooter players in our team, but we decided to give this role to @Mousy. He is one of the most experienced members in shooter and he also leaded shooter room/team in other communities! I’m sure he will do a great job there! Good luck to every single person above. We believe that you're just great for these roles, don't let us down! Our new members! Loyalty, sincerity, ability, devotion, maturity... Right those words are important for us and have to be repeated every single time we accept someone new. We decided to search for new developers and designers, we’ve found them, we are very happy that they decided to join our team and to work with us. Here we have small introductions from them: @pieT: “I am an engineering student (ICT), currently in my in 4th and last year at KU Leuven university for this. I'm 21 years old and started playing MTA in 2011. Scripting started around 2014, but got more serious after I started these studies. It actually helped me to get insight in other languages used at school as well, so that was a nice addition ^^I have been in TfF before as scripter, and before that I had my own clan called VT (Venom Team, it's on some JohnY maps)” @-Leon--: “Hello, I’m Hasan, I’m MTA and Web Developer. I live in Turkey. I’m 22 years old and my hobbies are football and playing videogames. I’m studying in correspondence school.” @Boudi: “My name is Abdurrahman, I'm 14 years-old male from Alexandria, Egypt. My nickname in-game is Boudi. I am a Shooter player and I have been learning designing lately." After good news, there are almost always some sad news. Our team has decreased in the amount in members due to kicks and leaves. The list of the members who left us or got kicked: @Surflexy: Kicked 03/08/2017 @Antadorea: Kicked 07/08/2017 @Jake: Left 13/08/2017 @Zeist: Left 31/08/2017 @Xizen: Left 31/08/2017 @SquoniX: Kicked 06/09/2017 @Bullet:3: Left 08/09/2017 @Known: Left 19/09/2017 @Azula: Left 03/10/2017 @Tron.: Left 05/10/2017 @TGActive: Kicked 22/10/2017 As you might have noticed or not, our member @ChroniK has been inactive… And will be until May, 2018, due to university and PC problems. We’ve decided to “derank” him from such an important role in our team, which is Forum Moderator. We wish him good luck and expect him as soon as possible! News from the TG 2.0 server: Vote redo Voteredo has been added to deathmatch, old school & FUN rooms. You can vote to redo a map by typing /vr in chat. You shall need 70% of the votes to redo the map. Spawn Changer It’s a pretty simple script, just collects spawn at start to gather their data, so once you spawn you are able to change your spawn with arrows, it manages to change position and rotation itself actually everything from the data of desired spawn. Freeroam Freeroam, pretty simple room. Just chill and get a bit distracted from the regular racing modes. Freeroam commands: TG's CTF Tournament Final (Designed by @Boudi) The time has come, finally our tournament has joined into the decisive phase of the tournament. Our final has been played between Brotherhood Without Banners and Flag’s Addiction. Flag’s Addiction won the final with score 3-0. Congratulations for the second finalist for their impressive fight in the group stage and finals! Few words from the CTF Tournament Organisator: @Mecha: “Hello there, I'm the organiser of the CTF Summer Cup 2017. I would like to thanks everybody who helped me in the organisation of this tournament, the referees (@Canky, @Tron., @Wolf-Pack, @Danx, @nuRd, @Boudi and @ExTreMe14 ), the streamers ( @Jake and @Monst3R), the designers ( @Lehelms, @Boudi and @Azula), the one who setted up the tournament room ( @MisterQuestions), the TG members (especially @fano23 and @PRODaN) and, of course, the players who took part in this tournament. I really enjoyed to organise it and I'll continue to make events and tournaments. I'm also the captain of Flag's Addiction, the winners of the tournament. I'm glad of what my team done during this tournament. Last year, we lost the tournament at the final stage, we were of course disappointed but, this year, we worked on our teamwork, strategy and CTF's related skill and we made it. That's why I would to say to the ones who failed this year : "Don't give up ! Be stronger and defeat us next time ;)". We enjoyed to play against all of you :) See you and Have fun “ Sneak Peeks! Yes! Yes! Yes! TG 3.0 is not a myth. We decided to share you a few photos from @MisterQuestions‘ project! He is working together with our new members. (Leon & pieT) The project isn’t ready yet, but we are really close to end it and run the server. >>>>>> <<<<< That's everything for today's news. Some of you think that we gave up but we are working and will keep it that way! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    Welcome to our community, have nice stay here !
  5. Who will win FIFA World Cup 2018? 
    Let me know in the comments.

    Even tho i know there is no chance i hope it will be Poland

  6. We need your help, we are in need of new Bar. 
    You can help us by posting bar examples here:

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      Is it too late to consider this? 


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    bug in room shooter/DM

    You can also report bugs/issues at our Discord server in #issues channel
  8. Our 3.0 launch means also new chance for the banned peoples. Feel free to write Unban Request !

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      why the server is offline


  9. Due to some issues we decided to postpone launch for tomorrow the same hour as planned before.

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      oh lord you are actually serious XD 

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      Dude is this meme is already dead and now it's happening again. Don't let FFS beat TG 

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  10. Our 3.0 launch means also new chance for the banned peoples.
    Feel free to write Unban Request !

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      Thanks for the new work for us:579dcf9e960d3_EmojiSmiley-16:

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      Can me be tg?

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    The grand opening

    Thank you everyone for the congratulations wishes. I'm honoured to be Twisted Gamers' Co-Leader. I worked hard for this chance and all i can guarantee you for sure is that i will work even harder than before to not make anybody disappointed. 6th April will be the new fresh start and i belive that it will be the good start, good for TG's future. See ya back at 3.0 !
  12. More informations about Beta tests and new server launch soon on our forum !

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      didn't we do that late 2016 ? or its difference c: 

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      Wasn't I a beta tester?

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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations for those who made it into our team ! Gratz also for our new full member and Developer @pieT ! I'm finaly happy to see 3.0 being realised after soo many years of waiting, but i'm also sad that i have to say goodbye to 2.0. 2.0 was legendary and most of the time pretty good server, just latter someone managed to fek it up ! I'd like to thanks our Developement Team @MisterQuestions and @pieT to make everything happen!
  14. Rest in peace 
    📌 Stephen Hawking, physicist who reshaped cosmology, dies aged 76. R.I.P. professor.

  15. Join Requests has been closed.

    Good luck for the applicants.

  16. Thor drops the BANHAMMER! - Imgur.gif

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      admin smash admin raging fire flame smouldering flame

      Image result for thor ragnarok gif

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    Dean's fast introduction

    Welcome in our community, have nice stay here ;)
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    [DECLINED][FR7] vs -|TG|-

    We are currently not interested in playing DM clan war, try another time.
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    Helllo boi, have nice stay here ;)
  20., Once a legend, forever a legend!


  21. Sadly we have decided to decline your clan war request against us. Thanks for patience and try another time.
  22. We are currently not interested in playing DM clan war, try another time.Thanks for the interest !