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  1. Frank98

    [Search] Lights MOD

    Hi, beautiful TG community, can anyone help me get these lights?
  2. Cinnamon Toast :579dcf9e5c723_EmojiSmiley-15:

  3. Frank98

    Help me!

    Hello everybody, today i made this post because i need help with something. I'm making my DM map vol.1 and i have a problem with the shades. When i try to do one loop or flat road i can not make the two types of shades on the road because one object looks bigger than the other. Brown [8838] Lighter [3458] Screenshot: And I've seen other maps, They make loops and flat roads by mixing the two shades. Brown [8838] Lighter [3458] There's an example: I hope you can help me, thanks for read my post. Regards CinnamoN!
  4. Frank98

    Colored Hunter Mod/Skin

    That's right.
  5. What's on your mind? 

    - Pizza.

  6. Hello, I'm bringing a mod for your hunter. First of all, I wan't to clarify that I don't remenber where I found this incredible mod for the hunter. All rights reserved for the author. It is a mod that makes our hunter change simultaneously in many colors. Here is a video of the mod. Links on the description of the video. Installation. Installation are simple as using the Alci's IMG Editor Tool, We'll have to open the file gta3.img from our GTA:SA Import the files (hunter.dff, hunter.txd and hunter.col) . Save the changes and ready, We installed our Colored Hunter. I hope you like the new hunter! Regards CinnamoN!
  7. Frank98

    Twisted Gamers vs Furious Racing Seven (15-5)

    Good luck! I'll be watching the clan War.
  8. Frank98

    EM1N3M ft. ? ft. ? - ?

    Send me menssage on skype i can help you Lucas. lol
  9. Frank98

    [DM]Brown ft. ??? ft. ??? - ???

    Not bad, Light and Simple i like it (y). I can help you with decoration. @BrownMTA Skype: frankhd98
  10. Frank98


    Hey, Add me on Skype (frankhd98).
  11. Frank98


    Hey, Add me on Discord (CinnamoN666#7595) and let's get fun!
  12. Frank98

    *idk what title can write here*

    Okay, Thanks. @C4sp3R @GeroX
  13. Frank98

    What are you listening at the moment?

    The Eden Project.~
  14. Frank98

    *idk what title can write here*

    And how to change it? @C4sp3R
  15. Is there any way to change the name of my account? I made my account the February 23, 2013 and it now no longer use more nick (Frank98) then let me know if I can rename Cinnamon that is my current nickname. Thanks for read, Regards CinnamoN!