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    Play the drums and other shits ;3
  1. Hey! What's up boddies? Today i wanna share my first map: Whispers Video: And here's the link: Click me:$ That's all, hope you will enjoy it! Cya! PD: vol.2 is very near!
  2. [DM] SixiZ - vol.1 - Whispers

    Hey, i wanna show you my new map. Special thanks to Mower for his record. Hope you will like it.
  3. If i drink alcohol, im an alcoholic. So, if i drink a fanta, im fantastic? :o

  4. Got time to talk about jesus?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 3ventic


      What did he do now? ... He's always getting into trouble.

    3. JKM


      i heard he walked on water, pretty badass.

    4. -HangoveR-


      And, he turned water into wine. Da boss

  5. Cleaning house

    sad to see them go. GL to all of them :/
  6. Awaiting for new year! $_$

  7. you already know what the people say today, so...

    1. HaRCoR7


      what the people say

    2. HawT_HuMaN


      ting ting ting tingeta ting pau pau pau papapau

    3. SixiZ


      merry christmas? e.e

  8. Hardstyle loves you, LOVE HIM TOO >:C

  9. Why the life is bad with me :(

    1. HaRCoR7


      because you were bad with it, karma.

    2. -HangoveR-


      The life hates you