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  1. MunK

    The end

    I just saw this today, so sad to see the best server on MTA close, I have really good memories with u guys, Will never forget ❤️
  2. Tell that to Ultrathing
  3. Hope you guys like it.
  4. Better than Surflexy, gj man...Joking aside, everything looks awesome, how much do you charge for one of them? xD
  5. Glad to see you leave NoobKo :v ok no....Hope thing go better for you, we'll keep in touch in Skype Good luck in the real work, don't let it bring you down, don't leave university too because of a job. “You have to be a responsible adult and support yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” ― Susane Colasanti
  6. Welcome back man, glad to see you again.
  7. After 5 years in MTA i feel like it's time to move on. It's been really fun to be with all of you guys but life calls. I haven't been really active like some of you might of noticed and it's because i don't really have time for mta anymore, i would love to stay here and play with all of you guys (including the ones that follow me in shooter). I will try to be on a few times but i will not come back in the next few months due to work and personal things. I will be on whatsapp so if you want to talk to me just send me a message on there. I wish i could of stayed until TG 3.0 which i been waiting for a long time but you cant control what happens xD Para los que no entendieron usen Traductor de Google :v
  8. We're going to miss you Passord, hope you come visit us often.
  9. But he is the one that came out with the ideas
  10. "As I typed, every single player will be satisfied, once 3.0 is out. Trust me. :)" They don't need your ideas, pitko has it all planned out already.
  11. Awesome, going to download it right now! I support Donald Trump and I'm Mexican, he has a lot of good ideas that America needs, no other candidate is willing to make real dramatic changes so America can be great again. -NOT
  12. MunK

    We get the joke, old game and he is barely talking about it= must be using Internet Explored
  13. MunK

    I use Internet Explorer to play agario, Firefox and Google Chrome give me a lot of lag