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  1. Mafia 2 Hey guys, I present to you the [DM] Morty - mafia 2 this map so enjoyable, well done Morty. Led Lights By Kacak - Audio Q3 Infernus Model Made By Micra Contact me Discord: ! Blacklight #6130 or click here
  2. LyCry

    LyCry - Serbest

    Hey guys! I present my new map "Serbest"
  3. Hey guys! I present my new map "Velocity" Thanks For Record ElCrow
  4. Hey guys! I present my new map "Boss Wave"
  5. Hi Guys, I'm sharing my vol.11 Cool Dream III Click Here For Download
  6. Hey Guys, after a long time i'm back mapping :) Thanks for watching.
  7. Hey nico, It's been a long time. Good map , Nice record. Keep it up!
  8. Cool Dream III [SooN]


  9. LyCry

    [DM]Money ft. ? - ?

    Nice track, good luck.
  10. Nice map chipy and awesome record V1SH4L. Good job guys.
  11. Nice Map dude, I want join this ft. Skype: mta_lycry Contact Me.
  12. Every day I'm a star in the city 
    Walk the streets like a wanted man 
    All the time got my shine looking pretty 
    Motherfuckers all know who I am

  13. Hello Guys :) What did you do this summer . I Swim :)