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  1. DarkyZ

    The end

    In 2013, I found this server and it was the best thing I ever did. Really sad to see it go.. One of the most amazing times were spent here, dearest friends were made here, alot was learnt here. But as Tommeh said, everything has to come to an end, Bye TG <3. 2013 - 2017 Best years for me at this server ^^
  2. Damn, reminds of the old days playing shooter with the bois. Good luck TG! Pls bring back the server soon, we need to revive hajapa family
  3. Invite this slow kid, so we both abuse rights in fun room hhhh
  4. Oh, it’s amazing. Even tho I just saw 2 mins of it. Can’t wait to play it :3
  5. Heard a new one is released ? Or gameplay. Do you smth about that
  6. Nah I prefer the new one, before the storm. That shit is emotional af :((
  7. Btw love the profile pic, life is strange <3
  8. Shit cant do that anymore cuz already one day into trial
  9. Fastest trial fail I’ve ever seen, that’s a record right there
  10. Rafinha V9 too hard, come unmatched player 1v1 wff 5 rounds <3