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  1. Thank you friends for the opportunity to give me access to the beta, I sincerely approve of a canky for your comment on me, maybe I deserve it ... but now I'm busy, very seldom joining TG. It's not a farewell goodbye, just to thank them for everything that happens on the server ... although I have not been TG, my greetings to Deidara a great player, hangover I very rarely see, since those people gave me the Opportunity to belong to one of the best old school clans .... thanks for everything. Like mentioning again is not a farewell, it is just a thank you for everything. Bye
  2. unix, why i haven't donator?

    pls answer me, 
    I bought recently


    1. ouyso


      For some reason it says your donator status expired on 30/12/15, fixing it now.


  3. passord, i dont know, but, i dont understand the banned why u banned me?


    1. Debora32


      he said , cause you selling donator ,


    2. Megadreams


      The ban was on my request. I take the responsibility for it.

    3. nuevo89


      i dont selling donator


      that's a lie


  4. Your in-game name: #SuDoKu*Your Country: PeruWhat are your average FPS and PING: FPS: 51 / PING: 200Dates of absence: Everyday