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  1. Mirage

    [DM] LegioN ft. Esp4wN ft. Mirage - Movements

    For the ones who is interested to download this map, link is in the #2 comment. https://youtu.be/-u2-hdtxSrM
  2. Originally posted by Reazzon, here. Movements Hey! Hey! Today I'm presenting you this piece of beauty called Movements by Legion, Esp4wN n' Mirage. Lovely and warm/cosy nature decorations combined with a kind-of skilled and challenging track gives it a nice feel while playing by these talented mappers! Loved it and I'm sure you will do too. Sorry if there are lags occurring, had some problems while recording and hope they aren't too noticeable.►MusicT & Sugah - Sleepless (feat. MVE) ►CreditsInfernus by @Micra Lights by @NitroN
  3. Thanks for your comments and this awesome record :3
  4. Hello guys, i am going to share my new featuring map with you. I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for watching. It is recorded by Rizom, you can give a like to him right here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCye78TVECmqytCpfv-TK0QA