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  1. This dead body cannot be revived. Bury it.

    Reincarnation might be the solution.

  2. Sure, just scrap the work that previous members of your staff spent a huge amount of time on to satisfy the community with. Do you really think you made a good step there? I'm talking here as a person who saw what TG 3.0 was like, how good it was, how little was required for it to be finally finished and ready for release. From what I know, if your current devs wanted to finish it, they would have long ago, but it was obvious they had no intention to do so. For a while, we were (privately) fueled with lies that no one could work on 3.0 except for @Unix (who scripted pretty much everything there and who also happened to be inactive for life-concerning matters), because the script was messy and one would not simply understand it. But I was surprised that even I - an unexperienced person in scripting when it comes to Lua -, (after addressing Unix of the issue) was able to understand a part of the script that he showed me. It was just obvious that they, or well, he wanted the great part of the credits for himself, wanted @Unix, @Megadreams, @Arezu & @Rointep (people who had scripted TG 3.0) out of the picture. I wish you good luck with your upcoming project, I really do. And I also you wish to see you making good decisions from now on.
  3. Damn it feels good to be a gangster. #feelsgoodbro

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    2. Tommeh


      No need to brag about your achievement on this matter on the forums. You dislike the community so much that I just helped you to move along as you seem to be incapable of doing it yourself.

    3. Wade


      no tommeh you should ban the community instead

    4. Tommeh


      Coming to think about bans I just remembered that we have a ban button on the forums too.. Oh my how silly of me not to use it.

  4. Date and time for group stage fixtures have been added.
  5. As you might have noticed by now, the groups for our CTF tournament have been announced, and we do not plan on making you wait for a long time until you know the schedule for fixtures and which teams you will be playing. So here is the schedule: -Designed by @MightyAce As you can see we are yet to add the date and time for each of the matches, it will be updated soon. Way of Qualification: GROUP STAGE: 1st and 2nd positioned teams of each group qualify, adding to that 2 teams that are positioned 3rd in their groups. Those teams will have the best record among all other 3rd positioned teams, summing the number up to 12 teams qualifying to the next round. ROUND OF 12: Simple and straightforward. The teams that have qualified are randomly scheduled in matches. Whoever wins, qualifies to the next round ROUND OF 6: The teams that have qualified previously are once again randomly scheduled in matches with each other. The 3 winners will proceed to the Semi-Finals alongside the losing team with the best record (tightest loss) in their match, if more than one team have the exact same record then it will be decided over their performance in Group Stage.
  6. Lovely. Well done both of you.
  7. Sure, we'll change the host so you can have better ping.
  8. Apparently, you've misunderstood this. I meant at least 5 player in the team overall, as your team in the match will consist of 5 players, you can have reserves for extra insurance that you won't be short on personnel when it's time for your match. In other words the maximum amount of players allowed in a team is 8 [5 main players (obligatory) and 3 reserves (optional, your team can be without reserves even)]
  9. In this topic you will be given the chance to register for our Capture the Flag Summer Cup 2016 tournament. Make sure to read the rules of the tournament before registering your team. In order to register your team you must follow the format given below, any submission with a different format will not be accepted. Team Name: Team Tag: Team Players: 1)Player - Nationality (i.e. MightyAce - Israel) 2) 3) 4) 5) Team Reserves (optional): 1) 2) 3) Team Avatar (optional): * A team must at least have 5 players and a maximum of 3 reserves NOTE: This thread is for registration ONLY, any post irrelevant will be deleted and the person to have submitted it will receive a warning. You can also find your own team in the Team Finder thread. Best Regards, Twisted Gamers Event Organization Team.
  10. Not to be rude, but what's the actual point of this?
  11. The clan war ended with the result of 11-9 to the favor of EsR (Empire Street Racers). I would like to congratulate, and thank them for giving us this clan war.
  12. Again, nobody guessed it right. Sadly, we lost with the result of 11-9. See you in the next time.