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  1. omo veteran player is back o.o

  2. Nothing new here, if you want your map recorded by me, contact via e-mail: rw-lan@hotmail.com or add on Discord: Renddi#8295. P.S. I can't change nickname on forum :/ ® Renddi
  3. Cool idea, cool implimentation)
  4. Bad map imho. It's long and very bugged, which confirms a lot of cuts in video. Unmatched player seems more real to pass.
  5. Add more markers, not everyone wants learn the whole map.
  6. Just perfect! Gteatero is becoming one of my favorite mappers)
  7. Awesome map! Much better than all of this boring tropical shits)
  8. Another ordinary map imo, nothing special.
  9. You should make it higher quality imo (more smooth track, make deco don't overlap track, etc.), but not bad at all.