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  1. ~RaGeX

    Some updates!

    Gratz 3ventic, Boikot and Lycosa. :)
  2. I organized it as well btw. Congratulations WintersuN, HIJ@CK and HarCor7.
  3. ~RaGeX


    Good Job guys! It was a good cw.
  4. Hey guys. Sorry but we have to tell you that the race tournament is canceled for THIS WEEKEND. KacaK and me have no time this weekend and I just knew yesterday, that I cant play on this weekend. KacaK also has no time (private reasons). Maybe KacaK can play and can manage but I´m not sure. Aynway get ready to play.
  5. Hey guys. First off all, congratulations to all guys who passed the first round. Maps: So once again, you can choose one map. If you have chosen one, please post the name of it here. If you won´t choose one, I will give you a random map. Chosen maps should be from the server. You should choose your map until 04.07.2012 - Wednesday. Dates: The Quarter Finals will be on: 07.07.2012 - Saturday Group1 - 16:00 GMT+3 ( KacaK, Tropic, SpIdEr, Ra[G]eX, GXM3MXN, Roskilde ) Group2 - 17:00 GMT+3 ( FLO, ZenoS, FloW, xBrAkeRx, H!J@CK, Roll ) Group3 - 18:00 GMT+3 ( Straight, KroN, Fynn, WintersuN, *MoPoMaN, TiFiS# ) 08.07.2012 - Sunday Group4 - 16:00 GMT+3 ( ErturK, .::CooL, Diggity, [X]press, InfernuZ, KeBaBBuGG ) Group5 - 17:00 GMT+3 ( HaRCoR7, Deking, BuDyA, Pee[J], Arezu, Ja[Y] ) Group6 - 18:00 GMT+3 ( Shokkz, RealSteel, 3ventic, Sonic, Darius, JKM ) Note: Group Pictures will be added soon. ( I guess, 04.07.2012 - Wednesday. )
  6. Tommorow the race tournament will start! For the guys who still didnt understand, how it will work. I will write something like : "All players from Group 1, please come to our server now." into the shoutbox. All from Group 1 will come then, and we will drive the maps. If group 1 is done, I will do the same with group 2,3,4,5,6. Groups 7,8,9,10,11,12 will play on Sunday! So, dont forget it and be there punctually. We wont wait for players, who didnt come. IP of the server, where we will play all maps: mtasa:// Password: tgtourny