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  1. It's not a bar. It's just a lobby design. NPCs are going to represent characters like Priest (you see a little bible and cross signs there), food shelter workers and mercenaries around, unlike the old concept, bartenders and normal citizens around. Did you dislike the concept or the map itself?
  2. Just in case if some of you didn't get what's the concept. It's an apocalyptic design. There has been chaos in the city, wars and murders and a little society has left the city and moved to forests of county. You see a little base of that expelled society in the design. That's why you see a food tables, weapons, offroad vehicles and a tower in the map. Also it's all covered around with fences (and invisible walls, you can't go out of that zone). If this map gets implemented, i am also willing to work on a script that admins can start a zombie event in this zone and players kill zombies to get some bucks into their pockets. Just an idea.
  3. Twisted Gamers 3.0 | Patience is Key

    waqaar ali is that you?
  4. i had to bring my laptop to home for some purposes, i had time to make something like this. yes, tents are mods.
  5. What are you listening at the moment?

    those E38s with bbs and könig's turn me on af
  6. Happy 2018!

    Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting in Pakistan, Reina attack in Istanbul, protests in Iran, The crisis between Palestine and Israel, Las Vegas shooting, plane crash in Kyrgyzstan, Irma hurricane outbreak and church shooting in USA, terror attack in Ariana Grande’s concert and also in London, inflation and protests in Venezuela, earthquake and attacks in Iraq, terror attack in mosque in Egypt, non-stop going war in Syria and refugee crisis in European and middle east countries, truck attack in Barcelona, North Korea’s stupid threatens and visa crisis between Turkey and USA and a lot more i couldn’t count. We lost uncountable amount of important people too. To be honest, 2017 was the worst year i could imagine to be happened after 2016. Some of you might have forgotten what has happened this year but i did not forget. I hope we won’t see that much bad news in 2018 ** says unhopefully regarding to world’s current status **. All i can remember about good things happened in 2017 is 3 new songs came out from Ice Cube. I guess i am too pessimistic, you are free to tell your opinion about my statement.
  7. Good support of admins members

    What is funny for you may be offensive for somebody else, so you should think before splitting your words. A punishment is also a warning. Like caution sign of getting banned. #hashtagsdoesntworkinthisforum #obeyrules #menosbikportugalish #waitingforanotherseasonfromprisonbreakseries #saynotofaschism Pd: i bet there was a reason behind your mute, there is always a reason.
  8. What's Going on Now?

  9. u r too sexy than i thought ( ͝o ͜ʖ͡o )


  10. [DM] CreaX v1 - Unstoppable Skills

    why did you copy my style of signature you little shithead plus im bin laden here wtf