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  1. Just found out that nobody was able to access the files, so i updated the sharing settings, everyone shud be able to download 'em now. EDIT: Added Mega Links.
  2. @awnasy you made mah day :')
  3. Downloading from Google Drive is faster i guess. well, am using CS6 but the version doesn't really matter. sorry but am not taking requests anymore
  4. Thanks everyone for your support, & Congratz Chari ~! I also wish the best of luck for those who applied.
  5. Sorry but those 4 Requests will be the last ones, since it's kinda tiring. you can now use the PSD Files i provided to create it by yourself. - DiatroN finished ✔ - DarkyZ finished ✔ Mattox finished ✔ Deidara. finished ✔
  6. You forgot to mention some stuff, recheck the Form above.
  7. Here you go, * Full: * Parts: Thank you so much :)
  8. Which template? Edit 1: 2, then which Character or real life person do you want me to display? Edit 2: Here you go, i hope you like it
  9. Howdy,my fellow gamers! So i 've been fiddling in photoshop tryna make some templates for TG signatures, here are some of my finished designs. (More coming soon). Pretty simple, you'll only need Photoshop. Here are the download links for the Templates above (PSD Format): Template 1: Google Drive: Download | Mega: Download Template 2: Google Drive: Download | Mega: Download Free of charge of course! P.S: I'm not taking requests anymore since it's kinda tiring. Don't forget to leave your thoughts down bellow... Au revoir *_^
  10. Synchro


    You can ask one of your friends or your clan mates to recreate the clan & give you the leadership.