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  1. Hello guys! I'm finally back at mapping & recording. I'm finally here to show you my new map called "Cool Dreams 2", the track is more than a year old while i tried to decorate it for a few days now. - I was actually planning to make the map done months ago but never really had the time to map/play MTA that much anymore, so i decided to go full MTA these days and finally i'm done with the new map. I hope you enjoy the map and the video itself, remember that i haven't been mapping lately so i don't know the "new" style if there is. (Haven't mapped for over a year) I'm actually back at recording aswell, so if you like the quality you are able to contact me on skype, then we can talk about the recording stuff. (mikail40001 on skype) - Song: Conner Youngblood - Monsters - Recorder: TeaszHD ~ Roskilde Thanks for watching, and i hope you liked the map! Please leave a feedback about the map and the video. Thanks, Roskilde
  2. Roskilde v9 - Earth (2 screens)
  3. I just mean, because he are back to makin' dm maps :D But good job to you and Cosa_Nostra too :D
  4. Nice Quantum! Soon'ly you're back!
  5. I just made 2 background picures for TG! (( they're not the best )) TG 1: TG 2: