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    [DM] Dr.Cr@zY, Bob. & Impzy - The City Without Future I can't believe it! I've just found this very old OS map, which is so old I can't even remember the year it was made on, probably somewhere around 2010, maybe... I could only remember this map partially, so that's why I haven't even tried to remake this map out of my memory as I did with my v1...
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    [DM] NitroN v8 - Riverside

    I made a old/new map!
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    I'm sorry guys, #Krew is out.

    kkk, I'm back niggas
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    Trend is retiring

    Hello everyone, it's been almost 10 years what I play this game. Few weeks ago I decided to end with this game. I am visiting university and I have no mood and time to play after all. MTA gave me a lot. Funny moments, memories, new friends and much more than my english teacher in school. It was honor for me to be in TG and part of this amazing community. Membership was my dream for many years. I wish you best of progress with the server and stuff related. Special thanks goes to my friends who will never be forgotten: @M4RT1N @Roach. @GeroX @LookaT @Madlife @NesoN @Mazda @fano23 @Jmick (maybe I forgot to mention someone). I wish you many achievements and luck in your MTA careers! Thanks for all guys..
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    Trend is retiring

    Good luck boi, make your dreams come true and never look back !
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    [DM] Sewix v2 - Skyline [Download]

    Hello, I present to you my second map, and invite you to watch the movie :) I greet the TG community Free download, Have Fun :D DOWNLOAD
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    OnweD ft AlpisT - Nature Overflow 2

    Nature Overflow 2
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    Today, i celebrate 10 Years of MTA. 10 Fucking Years. gosh
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    tege! ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )

    tege! ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; )
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    ay http://www.mediafire.com/file/jcqb4lkaw564oiy/[DM]BriaN_ft_GeroX_ft_NoType_-_Summer_Spirit.zip
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    [DM] SVeteraN ft. AnUs - Miramar

    Miramar * Kudos to Gerc for this amazing video.
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    Hello everyone. I wasn’t around for a long time. You might wonder who I am. I am a player who is here since ‘13 era. After I saw TG’s current situation, I remembered the old TG and I felt really sad. It’s really tragedic that such a server lost It's popularity like this. Why everyone stopped playing here, I really wonder. I must have missed a lot of things when I wasn’t around. Anyways I’ll keep it short. My opinion about the update is positive. I went online today and liked the update. I wish the best work for the developers. Hope to see the old TG and It's resurrection.
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    Yo! YukihiraTV (Formerly CastiellRecords) I'd like to introduce an awesome map that I had a very tiny part in but still love it none-the-less, it has more of an old school speed map vibe, Enjoy ! 1440P60FPS is Recommended! VIDEO: SONG: Krewella - Alibi (Far Out Remix) Infernus: Micra v5 + Nitroshi Wheels edited by Yukihira TG and FFS Logos by NitroN
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    Meet the unknown of pieT

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new version of "Meet the unknown of". This time i had an amazing interview with your dear developer, @pieT , he told me several things that i must consider interesting ones and some others that i didn't expect hahaha. I'd like to give thanks to him for this interview Ps: I made an intro with a sound clip but sadly i can't embedded into the post (There is the link for all these curious: https://soundcloud.com/dean-tv-959330387/intro-meet-the-unknown-of/s-ma5He ) Interviewer: Well , first of all i'd like to give thanks for this chance to do this section. pieT: Haha It is a pleasure for me Interviewer: Nice to know it mate. So let's start...What do you think about the job of a developer/scripter in MTA? Are they well valued? I ask this because sometimes players don't know how is the job of a scripter/developer , how many hours it costs for make a script and of course it works fine pieT: I really love this job, it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see people having fun because of scripts I helped creating. Also it's pretty much like a hobby to me, I like scripting and programming in general a lot. As for the appreciation, it's very good in general. Especially my team members and friends really value what I make and help me a lot by giving constructive feedback when necessary. Of course there are always people who are less positive and having an inbox full of spam is not an exception. However I try to look behind these complaints and instead I try to fix as much bugs as possible, at my own speed. Scripting can be very time-consuming, depending on the complexity of course. The whole 3.0 gamemode required a lot of hours or work by both me and MisterQuestions, it's hard to really determine how much exactly. I recently made a Capture The Flag room which still has a few bugs left but is getting there slowly. It took me around 18-20 hours in total to add this, however some of the components are reusable. For example the score system can be reused in a Clan Wars room as well. However keep in mind the RaceBase and Shooter rooms were already there, so I used those as a base (inheritance is what I used for the ones that know what I mean). It would have been a lot more work without the already existing base our gamemode provides me. Interviewer: I've always thought that be scripter requires many things , Imagination , Inspiration, Creativity and desire to do it. I'm really happy that you stay in TG , since MisterQuestions left the clan the atmosphere seems a bit unstable. pieT: I cannot deny it was a shock to us as well, especially to me personally. He actually learned me a lot and I won't forget that, however it's very sad to see him leave in this way Interviewer: Yes , it was very sad see him leaving this amazing community. But i think TG has another great developer who can make pretty great scripts pieT: Hehe thanks Interviewer: Also talking about unexpected situations... What was your reaction when TG accepted you into the team? Have been that your best moment in mta? pieT: I was very happy obviously, I hardly believed it at first. MisterQuestions added me on Skype to ask if I was interested or not, I thought it was a joke at first. Of course I accepted the offer and I'm still very happy for that. Everyone in the team seems to be happy with me and I really like all of them as well. When I started playing MTA back in 2011 TG was like the absolute top, couldn't get much higher than that. To now be actually part of this clan was like an old dream coming true. Interviewer: The most important in a clan it is have a great atmosphere between everybody. That's right , back in 2011's TG it was into the best servers around mta with such new scripts and skilled members , i remember the legendary cw that TG played against Social Gamers. it was my first cw that i saw. And i'v like to ask this that makes me curious...How did you learn everything you know? Maybe watching videos in youtube like i did in mapping? ahaha pieT: Not at all haha, I learned very basic scripting in SA-MP actually. I used to play that rather than MTA before I switched, like a lot of people did. They use the Pawn language which is based on C and only hax serverside code, however it learned me a few basic things. Most of the things I made were copy and paste of existing scripts and editing some texts basically. I did the same thing when I joined MTA and created a few basic scripts by editing existing ones. However I started at university four years ago, to become a software engineer. I had a lot of programming courses there, that gave me like 90% of the knowledge I have now. Lots of languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Node.js, React, PHP and others made me really understand how programming works. I got a lot better at scripting for MTA as well by having this knowledge, a lot of concepts are similar. Then around the same time a good friend of mine (now called pitterer ingame) was also learning to script. He taught me how to apply OOP in MTA since I had never really done that by myself. Adapting it was a true relevation for me, especially since I already had knowledge in other OOP programming languages. Lastly also MisterQuestions taught me some things so I could become even better. Interviewer: Your knowledge is pretty large. I know a guy who is scripter too and my friend at the same time, he have developed many scripts for latin servers , he is studying to become a computer engineer, maybe you know him , his nickname in game is Bc or may you hear about him. I really dont understand what are those things that you mentioned me , i just know the basic ahahaa Java , PHP , C , C++ But i don't understand it at all pieT: Hahaha no problem, you can't know everything of course , I had to study four years to get where I am now, took a lot of effort obviously Interviewer: Some time ago i dreamed to become in scripter but i was watching videos and i was like " Oh , what the... maybe ain't necessary ahahaha" and yes , nobody borns knowing everything But sometimes i ask myself.. which is the most complicated thing of being a software engineer or being a scripterMaybe you could answer me that pieT: I think software engineer is still harder, which is why scripting is more like a hobby to me. There is a lot of lower level stuff going on as a software engineer, especially when dealing with languages such as Assembler and actually modifying the CPU registers themselves. Making your own drivers and then putting those to use can be a quite work-intensive task to do and it requires a lot of research Interviewer: Damn, your job is pretty hard , thank goodness I did not venture into that ahaha... Well , leaving scripting section and making focus in your real life , How is your daily rutine? I mean , for everyone one thing makes a day great and other not good at all pieT: Hmm it really depends. Up until now it usually started by going to classes until around 16-17h and then my free time starts. I usually fill it by doing one of the following things: going out with friends, badminton, watching series, youtube, playing MTA or scripting. It's sometimes a bit tricky to fit them all in, but until now I always managed it haha Things may change a bit next week however, since I start my first real job on July 2nd. Then I won't be home as much as now (I had quite a few free days on university as well), however I will have to see. It's hard to predict how everything will be, I guess the first weeks will be the hardest because it's something completely new for me. Interviewer: I remember my first job in a bookstore, it was huge ahaha, from 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. I was the only boy and the rest only womans, so I had to climb the stairs to get some items to sell them. Alright next question Have you a list of the best developers/scripters(In your point of view) in the whole mta? Which one is the best and why? pieT: That's a hard question haha, I am sure there are a lot of good developers I don't know at all. I have a few people I know are good at scripting and seen doing so, here's a short list of people. pitterer: My mentor, he basically learned me scripting in MTA. I would not be where I am now and he still is a bit better than me if I'm being 100% honest. Unfortunately he's not always active anymore, but he still comes by from time to time. MisterQuestions: He made the base for TG 3.0 aka Phoenix and it really shows he knows how to script very well. Everything is structured and easy to extend on, it makes my life a lot easier than it would have been with other scripts. SpecT: Former member of my previous clan and main developer there, he made a few unique scripts for the server. He actually made a script that streamed songs from maps on the default race gamemode that comes with MTA, I still have no seen any other server do that without using a custom race. MegaDreams: I have spoken quite a few times to him and he really is very good at what he does. SAES Nanobob: I have spoken a few times with him on the MTA Discord and he really knows what he is talking about. From what I see he also knows more than I do specifically for MTA. I am sure there are a lot more that I forgot, sorry in advance to those people! Interviewer: To be honest i do not know some of that guys that you wrote, only MQ. There is good developers in mta, MegaDreams is well known for his job and scripts , MQ know for have been the developer of TG ...But what do you think about the others? Maybe Xiti , Dizzaster , Gallardo? pieT: I haven't seen their code so it's a bit hard to state my opinion. However I think Dizzaster did a great job and probably used well written code to achieve his server at the level it currently is. Gallordo has amazing shader knowledge, however I'm unsure about his Lua knowledge so I can't criticize that. Xiti is another story, I personally don't like his code at all. I have never spoken with him but I have seen a lot of scripts by him, they are not that great. Very inefficient and quite unmaintainable if I'm honest. Not to blame him or anything, but he could improve a lot imo Interviewer: Ahaha that's true. Xiti's script are not good optimized and it give many drops due the same. I personally love the job of dizzaster and how he leads the clan that founded , anyway i think this questions are kinda hard because every person has his different way to see his job. Maybe a script made by MG , MQ or Gallardo could be more or less optimized than the same script made by another guy, It depends in much code lines pieT: Also overall structure haha, there are a lot of variables (hehe good choice of words) that come to play Interviewer: The variable are unlimited.... How do you manage the time spent between your real life and video games?To be honest , i don't have much classes into the week due i have only 3 subjects to study , so i have Wednesday and Thursday free and friday only 1 hr of class. Pretty bored pieT: There's not really a system I use haha, I try to prioritize real life as much as possible however. Getting educated and earning money is very important in life, as well as real life friends. I use "extra" free time for MTA mainly, I really like it and that's why I spend my time on it. Sometimes it gets a bit busy, but I try to make the best of it Interviewer: I think many of people who has more than 20's try to do the same as well, I play video games into the night because it much calm than during the day also , i study for my exams , homeworks , etc etc What's the story behind your nickname? It means something for you? pieT: My real name is Pieter, a very long time ago some friends used "pietn" as nickname. For an online account I used pietn1 as nickname, but it wasn't available everywhere. I started using ThePietn1 then, bit embarrassing haha, so I changed that to Piet[N] and later Piet/\/. People started calling me Piet because they didn't understand the N and I decided to keep it. The small p and big T are just decoration haha Interviewer: Ahahaha My nickname's story it is a bit like the yours also i remember have seen you using pietn but i didn't believe that was you , what a surprise My name is Darío and my surname is Larsen , i used two letters of both and mixed ahaha then Dean borns but i dont knew that its a real name so i was like.. ehmm really? ahaha We are in World Cup mode , Which country do you think will win? ahaha And who has shown a poor performance? pieT: I think Spain still has a good chance to win, England would be my underdog. However as a Belgian I really try to support our own Belgian Red Devils, they played a great match against Tunisia so we will see where they get. As for poor performances there were a lot, especially from some big names. Neymar is just acting as a child and Germany had really a lot of luck they got to the next round at all. Also Argentina had a tough time today, it was a very close call. However we will have to see how it continues, Messi had an awesome goal so not all hope is lost I guess Interviewer: I saw that matches and really , Argentina has a lot of lucky , Nigeria played not bad at all but they could score a goal , they got chances and they just lost it ,also Germany has good team , specially for several players like Draxler , Kroos etc , maybe we expected much more than them and the strongers , i think france has good chances too , maybe a bit more than spain ,I'm so hyped due that Croatia is playing good as well , i think they could show us a surprise. Last question...What's your biggest dream? in MTA and Real life pieT: In MTA I really dream to make TG 3.0 awesome and get back to the days where TG is as back is it once was. Lots of players and an awesome atmosphere on a server I helped create would be amazing. As for real life it's more the usual things, like a nice family with a good job. Everything else will come on its own then I think, being happy lets you go a long way! Interviewer: The last one is pretty common , everybody wants an stable job , and have free time to enjoy with it family and actually my dreams in MTA are finish my maps , also as this will appears in TG , NoType work in our ft MATE! pieT: Ahahaha Interviewer: This concludes our interview mate, I'd like to give thanks again for this chance and i will keep awaiting for your job. pieT: I'd like to thank you for listening me , cya dn take care!
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    [DM] Sendy Vol.12 - Hideaway

    It's really but that's the only one I have at the moment.
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    [OS] Wolf_Pack + ???

    Great job but this kind of maps they should not be made on 2019, imagine the amount of the players they gonna be stuck somewhere there that’s my opinion, I would love if every mapper think about all the problems since he’s thinking about the spawn point from there he must make all the players enjoying the map better than thinking how to top it faster than the other, i know it’s an os map but.. u know some genius ideas homie and good luck wolfy.
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    Trend is retiring

    Good luck trend <3
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    Trend is retiring

    Good luck in your future nutrend, was nice to meet and play with you DD teacher. (ㅋωㅋ)/
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    LyCry - Vol.12 - Velocity

    Hey guys! I present my new map "Velocity" Thanks For Record ElCrow
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    Hello Twisted Gamers, Today's annoucement has been made to inform you about things that will happen in the near future. First of all, i'd like to tell you that we finally launched our Twisted Gamers 3.0 ALPHA server. During these days we will need your help in reporting server bugs and issues. We made a channel called #issues on our official Discord server where you can report those bugs & issues. Daily updates with bug fixes or at least weekly, each 15 days or at least monthly a "big" update. After fixing those bugs we will be moving into beta state and finally our final server. Maps in rooms aren't sorted yet, we will take a look into that as soon as possible! Bar contest: Twisted Gamers' 3.0 bar contest season has been opened once again, we are looking for a fresh looking bar that everyone will like. You can post your own Twisted Gamers 3.0 bar. Take a look for examples here, you should try to make better ones as seen there: Unwarded Prizes: We've had many competitions and events, with winners and prizes - that we promised to award on our 3.0 server, which time has finally come. We did not forget about these winners! It has been a while since we were talking about TG's tournaments prizes. Let's start with XMAS OS Tournament - Prizes: @Division - 1st place - 3 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server; @Deidara. - 2nd place - 2 weeks of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server; @Canky - 3rd place - 1 week of donator status on the new TG 3.0 server. CTF Summer Cup 2016: WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money. Team Name: The Perrin Sequence Team Players: 1) @V1SH4L 2) @Siisti-C 3) @Mattox 4) @NoNameZ 5) @Dubst3p Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Tommeh 2) @fano23 Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Players: 1) @Pitko 2) @RadheN 3) @ChroniK 4) @Mecha 5) @Sirio22 Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Lukas123 2) @Krew CTF Summer Cup 2017 WINNERS - Winning team - A mapping server for 3 months + Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 250.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Flag's Addiction Team Players: 1) @Mecha 2) @RadheN 3) @Sirio22 4) @fano23 5) @Krew Team Reserves (optional): 1) @Lukas123 2) @Pitko Runner UPS (2nd) - Runners up - Donator status for 3 months on Twisted Gamers 3.0 + 150.000$ In-game money. Team Name: Brotherhood Without Banners Team Players: 1) @Suspect-san 2) @Mazen 3) @Sora 4) @fox97 5) @Boudi Team Reserves (optional): 1) @nuRd 2) @erudos Top 10 Scorers 1: 7 days donator status + 100.000$ In-game money 2: 5 days donator status + 90.000$ In-game money 3: 3 days donator status + 80.000$ In-game money 4: 70.000$ In-game money 5: 60.000$ In-game money 6-10: 50.000$ In-game money That's everything for today's annoucement, stay tuned since there are few more to come, mostly about Twisted Gamers' 3.0 features, tasks, and few more ! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    DaXx's Infernus D-Evolution Spider

    Hey guys, today I'm coming up with something different then before. My Infernus D-Evolution Spider has got a brand new concept, it's sporty and also comfortable. With his roofless Design it's the perfect solution for Fans of Targa Car Modells and for the guys who like it more sports like the upper back side is styled like on a Lamborghini Gallardo. The mod is available in 2 Variations. 1. Normal (In-game Colors) 2. Racing Paintjob So here is it, the Infernus D-Evolution Spider: Download Best regards DaXx.
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    Hey and GoodBye! I decided to leave this great but currently boring game for me. I just dont have fun with this game and therefore I was inactive so long time. Also i wont record maps for you guys. Thanks to leaders for gave me a chance to be in this great clan. So good luck and have fun with this game guys. Bye!