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    Hello, Twisted Gamers, Finally the time has come, today’s announcement will be short - but very important for Twisted Gamers' future. First of all we’d like to announce you our internal changes. Our first trials of 2018 has just been voted for and those are the lucky ones who made into our team: @Paranoid @Trend @ExTreMe14 @NoType @Cathrine @AnarchY I’d like to congratulate each one of you for the patience and your great presence in our community, keep it up! Sadly there are also few members who aren’t with us anymore: Leon > Kicked - 08/11/2017 RaYz > Left - 16/01/2018 Mousy > Left - 17/01/2018 Boudi > Left - 23/01/2018 Chronik > Kicked - 11/03/2018 Last but not least my hardest congratulations for @pieT who successfully passed his trial period and got himself a developer rank! Now it’s the time for our most important news we had since so long time. We are shutting down our server... Well, its time has come to a sad ending, finally, we have decided to shutdown our main server on 20th of March 2018, but it has a good purpose behind, it's about our 3.0 official release. In the coming days, we are doing hard tests in the gamemode, to check everything is ok and not to disappoint you. (Once again). With enough tears we say good bye to 2.0, thanking all of the developers who collaborated with in it, and most important thanking you goes to you - for supporting us the entire time (playing with us, having fun with us, enjoying being with us) Thanks to everybody. Hello 3.0! For a really loooong time waiting, we finally managed to make this dream come true, to give a reborn to our actual server with some awesome features, fixes, and improvements. In this early alpha state of gamemode (yes it has much more to come with time) we are releasing our basic race modes - but don't get disappointed too soon, we will be working hard to improve proximal issues (if found) and release more gamemodes with much <3 . This is a well-prepared multigamemode to handle various gamemodes running at once trying to be smooth and prepared for the future, anything can be included with some lines of code. Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    Getting closer.

    Getting closer.
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    Donation issues ahve been resolved. Everyone who had a donation status for longer than they were supposed to have been removed from the donators group. We've also added plenty of new countries for SMS donations. Including Turkey and Brazil, which have been asked for a lot.
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    Anti-Bounce 3, your opinion

    Hey there everyone! Due to popular demand I am going to continue develop Anti-Bounce 3 but I want to make sure to make it as best a possible. For this reason I have assembled a Google Form with some questions I would like all of you to answer. By doing so I can make sure that Anti-Bounce 3 fulfills everyone's needs. Click here to fill in the form Sincerely, Megadreams
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    Due to popular demand I'm announcing that I will start working on Anti-Bounce v3 again which will have a completely rewritten and much more accurate detection system.
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    Join Requests has been closed. Good luck for the applicants.
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    Happy Easter to those who celebrate by Twisted Gamers!
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    More informations about Beta tests and new server launch soon on our forum !
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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations my PUBG slave @Paranoid<3 welcome forum moderator :D @Trend gg noob (Congratulations XD) @ExTreMe14 welcome pro nolifer @NoType finally you really deserved it welcome! @Cathrine Congratulations @pieT lets make 3.0 great again!
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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Thank you to everyone who has supported me! I'm vey grateful to finally be a part of the Twisted Gamers members... thank you to everyone who believed in me Congratulations to @Paranoid @Trend @Cathrine @ExTreMe14! And also to @pieT, you really deserved it buddy. Keep up the good work :) Can't wait for TG 3.0 :D
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    When your JR has more likes than your profile picture on facebook.
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    [DM] Qwince v4 - INXANITY!

    Hey Twisted Gamers, i would like to show you my new mapazo recorded by Symon. Enjoy watching it !
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    [DM] Rampage ft. Esp4wN - Luminosity

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    *CLICK ME*

    *CLICK ME*
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    Our 3.0 launch means also new chance for the banned peoples. Feel free to write Unban Request !
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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    I would also like to congratulate each and every single one of you @Paranoid, @Trend, @Cathrine, @NoType and @ExTreMe14. And to you too obviously @pieT, thanks for all the effort you have put on our server :D
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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations @Paranoid, @Trend, @NoType, @Cathrine and @ExTreMe14 for your effort showing that you deserved to be part of the clan and help us on the new server, also to @pieT for working hard to make of TG 3.0 a reality and become a developer. For those who didn't get accepted or still didn't try it, we will be waiting for you on the new server. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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    Waiting ended | Trials and server news

    Congratulations @Paranoid , @NoType @Cathrine , @ExTreMe14 , @Trend and good luck @pieT With enough tears we say goodbye 2.0 :(
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    Good luck guys! I'm pro

    Good luck guys! I'm pro
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    [DECLINED][FR7] vs -|TG|-

    Clan name: Furious Racing Seven Clan tag:[FR7] Players: -|TG|- players: - - - - - - - - [FR7] players: - - - - - -(reserve) -(reserve) -(reserve) Maps: -|TG|- maps: -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] [FR7] maps: -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] -[DM] Date & time: ??/?/2018 & Where would it be held?: TG's clan war server or FR7 clanwar Server Contact information (Skype, email, etc.): quartztv Clan war rules: -|TG|- rules: - The gamemode is DM. - The team with the last surviving player gets the point. - If no one from the team reaches Hunter, the player who has come the farthest wins the point. - We may refuse a map chosen by the challenging team if it doesn't meet our requirements for a CW map. - Everyone from the clan is able to participate. - In case of camping or shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated for the current round with no replacement. -Skipping useless nitro or repair is allowed. - If someone times out before the map starts, we will play the round again. - If someone times out while the map is running (the player is alive), we will continue. - If someone lags too much, he will be replaced. - The clanwar managers decide what will happen in case of a draw (10-10 score). Both managers have to agree if we decide to continue, and the map chosen for an extra round must be a [DM] map! - No backshooting while getting Hunter. - In case of backshooting, (previous rule) "damaged" team gets the point. - Any kind of insulting, crying, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. - Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clan war admins of possible flaws on the current round. - You must wait for the countdown to finish before shooting at hunters. - In case of killing a player that reached hunter before the countdown finished, "damaged" team gets the point. - Max ping: 320 - Spraying is NOT allowed. - Antibounce script is allowed.
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    会いたかったこの バカ

    会いたかったこの バカ
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    Thenico - For the love of Gteatero

    hey amigos, i present my new map inspired in Dark Inceptions from Gteatero!! Thanks for recording the map KATGE!!