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    We're sorry, but..

    Hi people. Unfortunately we have experienced a lot of problems the last 3-4 hours, we thought we would be able to fix everything and be able to launch today, but unfortunately things are not going our way. In the process we've had to scrap 3 days of progress, and have to do everything over again. Understand that we did everything we could to be able to launch today, and even though we are not launching, I am going to include the thread which will be re-posted once the server launches. Hopefully it can give you an idea of what the server will be like, and hopefully it will only be a few days until we try this again. When we launch we will go ahead and launch, we won't announce any more dates or anything like that. Thanks for understanding.. ----------- Hi guys. I am pleased to welcome all of our players to Twisted Gamers 3.0, a server we have worked on for a long time. We have decided that we are going to unban most players along with the launch of our new server, we hope that these players abide by the rules, we will be more strict in punishing said players if a rule is broken. Now, there is a few things that need to be mentioned. The server we launch today, is a server we are going to work on a lot more. There are more features (and rooms) coming your way in the near future, most of these features have some work to them but are not 100%, therefore they won't be here on launch day. We mentioned in a earlier thread that we have taken this long to finish the server because we didn't want to launch something that wasn't finished, sadly that is what we find ourselves doing today. The reason behind this is as we have explained before, we have busy lives and we can't add hours to the clock. You can expect the server to be updated a lot in the following weeks, with everything from bug fixes to new features. Our priority will be to finish the userpanel and the garage, after that is done you will begin to see more subtle changes. Freeroam is going to be expanded, and will have a lot of other features that are not available today. Now, onto what we are launching. The server we have made has a lot of focus toward performance, in order to make our server enjoyable for those with networks that aren't good, or computers that suck. When we set out to make the server, we actually didn't want to use any pictures whatsoever, this worked out for a while until Nextreme started Freeroam (giggle) There have been made great improvements in the way the player downloads map files, for example, you only download the palm mod once, and it will be shown in all maps that use it. Now, instead of making you bored with all my text, I am going to list the improvements of our server. New gamemodes - Freeroam - Minigames(coming soon) - Domination - Clanwars(coming soon) Deathmatch & oldschool - Ghost - Guide lines - New training mode w/ rewind (Hold O to rewind at any point in the map, this will automatically "kill" you and you will enter training mode) - Spawn selector (use arrow keys to change your spawn) Hunter & shooter - Maps now have a set timer - Automatic respawn - Most kills = winner General improvements - Rockets visible on radar - Colored rockets in different gamemodes such as CTF and DOM. - New lobby & join room mechanism (Arcade stations) - New radar - New speedometer - New GUI in Capture the flag - New scoreboard - New statistics system & levels - New userpanel & garage(done soonish) - New login panel & registration system - Language chat(coming very soon) And a lot of other stuff... Remember that this was scripted from scratch and has a lot of changes that are not visible in terms of stabilization etc. All your previous statistics have been reset. At the present time you can not view your statistics, although you are gaining statistics. This will as mentioned be added along with our new userpanel. The website is going to be completely rescripted and redesigned at a later point. We are announcing the winners of the competition on Thursday. Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
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    » Former -|TG|- Members «

    From Nickname(s) Function(s) Additional info Date 3runner º Co-Leader & Recruitment Manager & Clan War Manager Kicked 05.08.2013 3ventic º Website Developer Left 25.08.2016 AcaB º Trial Kicked 17.09.2014 Active º Trial Kicked 22.10.2017 Adam º Developer Kicked 06.03.2019 Al1eN º Member Kicked 19.07.2017 Albinix º Developer & Co-Leader Kicked 02.09.2012 ALV º Trial Kicked 23.09.2013 AnarchY º Trial Kicked 27.03.2018 AniMoGeR7 º Member Left - Antadorea º Member Kicked 07.08.2017 AnUs º Forum Moderator Left 06.09.2016 Anwix º Developer Kicked 23.09.2013 APs º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Arezu º Legend (Developer) Kicked 25.03.2016 ArMexy º Member Left 17.08.2013 AsevenA º Member - 2011 axel+/sora+ º Trial Kicked 02.09.2012 Azula/Ruffy º Trial Left 03.10.2017 BANAN_SK º Member - - BatzMan º Member Left 12.10.2016 Boikot º Recruitment Manager & Clan War Manager Kicked 04.02.2014 boMbo º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 BonBom º Member Kicked 2013 Boudi º Trial Left 23.01.2018 Break º Trial Kicked 01.06.2017 BreAkeR º Clan War Manager Left 27.05.2013 Bullet º Trial Left 08.09.2017 BullsEye º Member Kicked 08.07.2012 Canky º Member Left 09.07.2016 Castiellº Member Kicked 19.06.2016 Cathrine/**PUMA^~^ º Member Left/Closed 23.01.2020 cawfee º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 Chari º Member Left 18.04.2016 Cheslav º Member Kicked 18.07.2016 ChroniK º Forum Moderator Kicked 11.03.2018 ClarK! º Member Left 2013 ClaudiO º Member Left 01.10.2011 CoLLeMaN º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 Cookie º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 CooN! º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Corby º Trial Left 12.10.2014 CresPro º Clan War Manager Left 05.07.2016 Crushead º Member Left 03.09.2011 Crypt º Trial Kicked 09.08.2011 CUMBiERO º Member Left/Retired 15.09.2019 Danx º Member Left 05.04.2017 Darius º Member Kicked 24.07.2016 DarkOne º Member Left 06.12.2012 DarklineR º Member Kicked 17.02.2014 Darmos º Member Left 13.12.2015 DaXx º Trial Left 19/07/2017 Dayrak/Genetikk º Member Left 07.06.2015 Deadline º Member Left 06.02.2012 Deagle º Co-Leader & Clan War Manager Left 10.07.2015 Default437 º Member Left 18.09.2016 Deidara º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 DiatroN º Member Left 02.10.2018 Diggity º Member Kicked 12.04.2012 Division º Member Left 16.07.2016 DoPeR º Member Left 20.05.2012 Doxiu º Member Kicked 06.03.2019 Drake º Member Kicked 21.09.2014 Dubst3p º Member Kicked 09.12.2016 EM1N3M º Member Left 14.08.2016 EmiraT/AmericaNo º Member - - ErturK º Member Left 07.04.2013 ExXoTicC/Artjom º Member Kicked 27.10.2014 Flake º Member Kicked 03.02.2013 FoundeRº Trial Left 02.10.2016 Fraan º Member Left 24.03.2016 Frankzy º Member Left 27.06.2016 FreaK! º Member Left - Fuzzy º Forum Moderator Left 27.03.2016 Giga º Founder Left 2011 GreenFanta º Website Developer Left 27.03.2016 HangoveR º Member (Icon) Kicked 24.07.2016 HaRCoR7 º Clan War Manager Left - Hetero/Parasight/Makaveli º Member Left 10.12.2012 Hidin º Developer Left 28.12.2014 Hope º Member Left 13.07.2018 HyPeX º Trial Left/Retired 08.07.2017 IntreLeX º Designer Left 30.05.2017 iRemix º Developer Kicked 01.04.2012 Jackss º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 Jake º Developer Left/Closed 26.01.2020 JappaX º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 Jarsy º Member Left 20.01.2016 JauJJe º Member Kicked 04.11.2012 JKM º Member Left 25.06.2014 KacaK º Member Left 04.11.2012 Known º Trial Left 19.09.2017 Kamen º Member Left 05.2013 KodiaK º Member Kicked 03.05.2012 Kofi º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Krew º Member Left 25.06.2018 Krlos º Trial Left 02.01.2015 KroN º Member Left 19.12.2012 Krosis º Trial Kicked ~20.09.2014 LeMoN º Member Kicked 25.06.2017 Leon º Trial Kicked 08.11.2017 Lokkimoi º Member Kicked 2016 Lycosa º Founder & Clan War Manager Left 26.10.2012 Mada º Trial Left 14.07.2016 MaT º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 mateR º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Mattox º Trial Left 14.08.2016 Mazda º Member Left 24.05.2018 Megadreams º Developer & Clan War Manager Kicked 26.03.2016 MegaN º Trial Left 12.09.2011 Micra º Member Left 08.07.2012 MightyAce º Designer Left 07.07.2016 MisterQuestions º Leader & Developer Left 29.05.2018 Mondim º Co-Leader Left 02.11.2014 Monoxide/Ace! º Member Kicked 2012 Monst3R/DiablO º Member Left 17.07.2018 Mousy º Member Left 17.01.2018 Mr.Henning º Member Left 05.11.2014 Negativ º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 NeXTreme/Rointep º Developer & Co-Leader Left 28.03.2016 No1se º Member Kicked 25.06.2017 NoNameZ º Member Left 06.10.2016 NoType º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 On-Air º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Packy º Trial Left 02.01.2015 Paranoid º Member Left/Closed 20.01.2020 Passord º Member Left 28.03.2016 Pepponzy º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Phoenix º Co-Leader Kicked 2011 pieT º Developer Left 18.01.2020 pitterer º Developer Left/Closed 26.01.2020 Piťko º Co-Leader & Forum Moderator Left/Retired 02.10.2016 PolakMaly º Member Left 29.10.2012 Pr0RaC3R º Member Left 26.05.2013 PRiX º Member Left 22.06.2015 Punky º Member Left 24.03.2016 Pustoy/Deavido/Gajeel/Coronet º Designer Left 13.08.2016 Quantum º Clan War Manager Left 07.09.2014 R1KUZ º Member Left 18.11.2016 RadheN º Member Left 01.07.2018 Radion º Member Left 15.08.2015 Rafinha º Member Left 02.07.2012 RaGeX º Member Left 02.09.2012 Ramsy º Member Left 15.05.2016 RaYz º Trial Left 16.01.2018 RaZoR º - - 2011 ReazZon º Member Left 04.04.2016 Rextox º Member - 2012 Rhypz º Member Left 18.09.2016 Roald º Leader & Clan War Manager Left 27.12.2012 Roddy º Member Kicked 26.12.2016 Sasuke º Trial Left 23.04.2013 SchranZ º Member Kicked 19.06.2016 SebaS º Member Kicked 04.02.2014 Sebihunter º Developer & Leader Left 27.03.2016 Shelby º Member Left 08.06.2013 Simas º Member Left 09.06.2015 Siisti-C º Clan War Manager Left 18.09.2016 SkyLiNe º Trial Kicked 2011 skyz/skiez º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 Slimmy º Member Kicked 18.10.2015 Smithy º Founder Kicked 04.03.2012 SOAD º Member Left - Sonic º Member Kicked 17.04.2016 SpeeeDy º Member Left 15.07.2012 SpIdEr º Member Kicked - SpoileR º Trial Kicked 09.06.2013 SquoniX º Trial Kicked 06.09.2017 StrangeR º Website Developer Left 14.07.2016 Style º Member - 2012 Surflexy º Community Manager & Head Designer Kicked 03.08.2017 Synchro º Trial Kicked 28.03.2016 Syntex/ouyso º Community Manager Left 27.03.2016 Thomas º Member Left/Closed 26.01.2020 TiFiS º Member Left 06.06.2013 Tirnano º Member Left 09.09.2014 TonyxO º Member Left 24.09.2016 ToadFlox º Member Left 29.07.2016 Tobster º Trial Kicked 30.12.2014 Toretto º Designer Left 04.12.2016 Trend º Trial Left 24.05.2018 Tron. º Trial Left 05.10.2017 TRtam º Developer Left 02.05.2017 TulioTC º Member Left 24.12.2012 UltraZz º Clan War Manager Left 02.05.2015 Unix º Leader & Developer Left 27.03.2016 V1sh4l º Co-Leader & Clan War Manager Left 17.09.2016 Vetor3x º Clan War Manager Kicked 05.07.2017 Vytixz º Clan War Manager Left 09.09.2014 Wolf_Pack º Member Left 23.03.2016 xInvaDe º Member - 15.08.2011 XiSoRz/BuffalO/Guard º Member Kicked 06.02.2012 Xizen º Member Left 31.08.2017 Zeist/Ruby º Member Left 31.08.2017 ZenoS º Member Left 16.12.2012 Zmany º Trial Kicked 16.09.2014 Zolika º Member Left 09.09.2014 Total: 197 » Founders: Giga, Lycosa & Smithy » Leaders: MisterQuestions, Roald, Sebihunter & Unix » Co-Leaders: 3runner, Albinix, Deagle, Mondim, NeXTreme/Rointep, Phoenix, Piťko & V1sh4L » Community Managers: Surflexy & Syntex/ouyso » Forum Moderators: AnUs, ChroniK, Fuzzy, Piťko & V1sh4l »Developers: Jake & MisterQuestions » Server Developers: Adam, Albinix, Anwix, Arezu, Hidin, iRemix, Megadreams, NeXTreme/Rointep, pieT, pitterer, Sebihunter, TRtam & Unix » Website Developers: 3ventic, GreenFanta, & StrangeR » Designers: IntreLeX, MightyAce, Pustoy/Deavido/Gajeel/Coronet, Surflexy & Toretto » Clan War Managers: 3runner, Boikot, BreAkeR, CresPro, Deagle, FoundeR, HaRCoR7, Kofi, Lycosa, Megadreams, On-Air, Quantum, Roald, Siisti-C, UltraZz, V1sh4l, Vetor3x & Vytixz » Recruitment Managers: 3runner & Boikot © Deagle
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    We're sorry, but..

    I'm personally sorry for the disappointment we have caused today, honestly TG 3.0 was ready to release in the state we posted above. An hour before the launch we decided to do some final testing to make sure everything is working the way it should do, this is where we found a few bugs which we actually fixed. Something crazy happened to a specific core resource that we attempted to fix over the last two hours so we could launch, but we didn’t manage to do so. Instead of making you wait even longer we have decided that it is best to postpone the launch for the time being, over the next few days we will be fixing this problem and increasing our testing procedures to make sure this does not happen the next time we decide to launch (very soon). We will be ready.
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    Over & Out

    Hello, I'm going to be honest from the start, I have lost motivation in MTA a long time ago, I have said that after TG 3 I will be leaving, TG 3 is almost here (get ready! it will get launched this time!). We all know about the failure of the TG 3.0 launch on the 1st March this year, this was the first date we ever set for the launch and we missed it due to a bug that was caused with a major change earlier that day. However, I am pleased to say that this bug has been fixed and TG 3.0 is ready to be released if necessary without the user panel. Expect TG 3.0 to be launched soon. I wish Twisted Gamers the best of luck and every member TG has. Possibly see you at JC3MP, Over & Out P.S Vishal 4 Leader!
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    The end of V1SH4L'~'

    Hello, might have been unexpected but it's true. I had made up my mind to leave the clan earlier this week due to alot of reasons, there's nothing I've hidden and I surely won't right now. One of them is surely the life I live right now...it's kinda hectic and I still try and find time for TG but unfortunately that won't happen anymore. If you know me well enough you know that I wouldn't want to be in a team doing nothing and I always want to be that one person the team can look upto, so yeah I'd rather focus on the better side that MTA has to offer during my freetime. It has been a wonderful journey being a part of this community for 4 years, been through all the ups and downs and I'm really disappointed I've had to make this decision at a time where it needed me the most, I always said to myself I'll leave when TG is back where it belongs and I do see it getting better which also changed my mind. Trust me everything is in progress and the team has been working hard in launching our new server. Just support them and never discourage them just because of failing multiple times. I'd like to thank @Unix @ouyso @Micra @RaGeX @Drake° @ErturK @Boikot @Tommeh for believing in me to be a part of this community in which I take great pride in. Forgive me if I have forgotten any of you. I truly appreciate your support. Let me do a few FAQs before I conclude since I don't want to be annoyed later on. What does the future hold for me? I don't really know, it has been a tough journey so far and I'm looking forward in enjoying the better side of MTA. Will I ever be back? IDK. @AdamJames4leader I'd like to wish you all the best in taking TG to the level it belonged at, I'll be surely visiting from time to time :) Always a Twisted Gamer from heart, this life forever. - V1SH4L'~'
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    Twisted Gamers 5 year anniversary!

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    News 17.04.16

    Hello! It's been a while since we made any announcements about our situation and this has mainly been due to uncertainty about how things are going to go on from here. Here is the summary of what has happened and what is to become. Leadership & management changes: @Unix left us with some other key members of TG. He is still around and can be seen participating in the TG 3.0 project occasionally. Yet once more I would like to thank him for the effort that he has put in to TG during the past few years! As Unix left I was left to be the only leader around and I did feel lonely in the position by myself so @V1sh4L was promoted to be the co-leader. He'll be handling community when I'm not around. As we lost some other key members we also promoted @Impzy to be our new forum moderator and so far I've not been disappointed with his work! Development continuation: It's sad, but true. We lost majority of our development team due to variety of different reasons. Some being a simple burnout and some being really bad leadership. However this topic is not made to go through the reasons which brought our solid development team down, but rather how it is going to be continuing on our future endeavours. @AdamJames has taken over the development of 3.0 and we've made quite a lot of progress in the past few weeks. We won't be saying any release dates as we are having bad experience from them, but the server is coming strong and steady. @strangereu is going to be responsible for our web development in the future, thus we're going to have a new layout with a whole new and improved portal! Despite development being continued we are open to new talented and motivated developers. If you think that you are capable of working on a development team like TG's, get in touch with @AdamJames on the forums via PM for evaluation. Members left/kicked: As the leadership and development team under went some heavy changes, so did the members list of TG. Many were kicked and some left the team. There were actually so many that I'll rather have a link to the former members of TG topic down below for you to see who has left. New trials: It is apparent that with this many losses we have to recruit some new ones and so I would like to congratulate the following players for their chance of getting to join TG. Toadflox, Default437, Danx, Cheslav, Chronik, Em1nem
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    Forum Upgrade and Server Information

    Hello! We have finally managed to upgrade the IPB forum software and get it working with all of the background processes complete, we are currently trying to get the MTA server back online as well as the Portal. The way you login to the forums and server has changed, you can either use the display name you have or the email address linked to the account, if you had a different username and display name before then you only have the display name from now on. The MTA server systems are almost working correctly, we are trying to find a way for players to login to the MTA server without having to come to the forum first (one time after this update). IPB has changed the way they manage the encryption with passwords, they have moved away from MD5 (with salt) to a different encryption, at the moment there is a requirement for you to return to the forum for the encryption to be updated, however we are trying to find ways that will let players use both encryption until most accounts are fully converted over from IPB 3 to IPB 4. The Portal needs some minor changes before we can make it available again, the update also broke the Portal due to its new structure with user accounts as well as some other backend things we use. The MTA server will return as soon as possible, we just have a few things left to do. See you again soon, Twisted Gamers. Update 12:35 GMT+1: The server is now back online.
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    We're sorry, but..

    Don't think we are happy about having to go through this. We (especially Unix) did our very best to get everything running for the launch but sadly enough strange issues have come up.
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    Leaving everything behind..

    Good afternoon folks! This might come as a surprise for you guys but as title clearly says, I am leaving this community for good. Things are getting more and more difficult every day and I can see, there is no way I can handle leading -|TG|- together with my duties in real life (Mostly university.). Leaving MTA is the best thing I can do right now. (Yeah, I'm actually leaving MTA and no, I won't join any other community.) The truth is, I lost my passion in playing MTA a long time ago. When I turned 20 yesterday's night, it made me think about lots of things. ''Kinda old for this game, huh?'' Yeah, I'm indeed old. That's why I've finally decided to leave MTA and everything related to it. I'm really grateful for a fact that one person has convinced me to stay in MTA for a bit longer back in the days. Thanks, @SchranZ. You are the person who actually allowed me to be an admin of this amazing community. Being a part of Twisted Gamers is something really huge and I truly appreciate an opportunity which @Tommeh and @Sebihunter gave to me. Because now I can proudly say: ''I was a part of -|TG|- once.'' And yea, it's quite a big deal. I wish the best of luck to @MisterQuestions & @Surflexy. That long-awaited update is still in the progress but don't worry, it is still here! (Don't forget to take care of Shooter and CTF, too! ;) 2 clever Finns as leaders + dedicated members will bring this community far enough. Good luck guys ( @Tommeh & @Impzy), you will surely need it. Important mentions through my attendance in MTA.. @BatzMan (Finish our map, Angelito!), @Genetikk (Fuck that name, Dayrak ftw!), @AmoN (nR, yay!), @V1SH4L, @SchranZ, @Santa, @~BonBom, @Punky (Tard<#3), @ChroniK (You're doing a great job for TG, keep working!), @Division (You know where you belong, Holland.<#3) Thank you guys, was a pleasure. Would like to ask players for a favor. Keep supporting this awesome community, it really deserves it. Farewell guys. Have fun and good luck in your future steps. PS.: Will surely try to show up sometimes. Also, contact me whenever you guys want. #Skype&&Discord Yours faithfully, Piťko ...
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    Member announcement (+ Sneak peek)

    Hello dear community! We have some news for you, let's start with the not-so-happy ones. First of all @Pitko has decided to leave Twisted Gamers and his position as a co-leader, which he was only a short period of time - in order to focus on his university. See his topic here. Good luck Pitko! Not only Pitko has left us but so has @FoundeR & @NoNameZ aswell. Wish you guys good luck on your future travels. Join requests were closed on Friday and we have some fresh meat in our family. Congratulations to @No1seTG, @Antadorea, @Toretto, @IntreLex, @GeroX, @Vetor3x & @Lehelms! As for the guys who didn't get accepted this time, don't give up! And of course by new trials we are promoting our current trials into full members! Congratulations to @Al1eN, @PRODaN, @DiablO. & @Mecha for passing your trial periods! @MisterQuestions has been busy with school, but still has managed to do some progress. Here's what our login panel will look like: Our new update is closer than you think! ;) That's it for today's announcement! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    A career in MTA ends here

    Hey there, In the year 2010 I started playing in MTA after being recommended to do so by my old friend Banaan. A year later I started my own clan which eventually grew and learned me a lot of what I know today. Eventually decisions were made and I stepped into other clans, went back to UAG, developed BlueBird and eventually came into Twisted Gamers, developed Anti-Bounce with the amazing Arezu and I stayed quite a while before deciding to leave MTA. Eventually I came back, started up UAG again which eventually was turned into a gaming network instead. At this point I decided to rejoin Twisted Gamers and stay here for a long time. However, something I have done 3 years ago has come up now again due to recent events in which I did not participate myself (check the announcements if you want info). This resulted in me being kicked (and ultimately receiving an ingame ban next to it). As a result of this I am no longer part of this clan. Why am I writing this topic as it's already known that I'm kicked? Well, I am also leaving MTA forever (yes, really, I'm done with this game) and felt like informing you about this and what this would ultimately mean to people that I know and things I worked on. First of all, I will still in contact with my MTA friends while removing people I rarely talk towards and am sure of that I will not with at a later point. Then, I will mainly focus on my gaming network on which I will not give any further information as I am not here to advertise any of my projects. The latest one is the Anti-Bounce script that Arezu and I made. We talked about it and decided to hand over the main development of Anti-Bounce to another scripter (still has to be determined). But also open it up to all other developers in MTA, this means that it's now allowed to fork the resource and release it as your own, as long as you keep our copyright and LICENSE intact. The project has also been uploaded to github so that anyone who is interested can send pull requests of changes they make. This to both the main branch (v2.x.x) as the new v3 branch. I will temporarily handle the pull requests myself until we found someone to take it over. The github project can be found here. I have met a lot of great people during my career in MTA and the list is simply to large to thank every single one of them so I will not. But they know that I am talking about them. Thank you for the great times that we had together during the years that I was in MTA and the time I was here in Twisted Gamers. I wish all of you the best of luck. Goodbye MTA
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    Hangover out.

    Hey guys. Yes, I'm leaving. I started playing this game back in 2008 on a server called GMC. At that time, I was just a 12-year old boy playing a computer game, ignoring everything around. A few years later TG was born. I've been playing here since the first minute, fact that makes me feel really proud of. I have been loyal to this community when times were good, but also when they were bad. Today, however, I have to say that I won't continue playing. I'm not a guy who likes video games. However, MTA has been an exception. I've played a lot longer than I had ever imagined. I made friendships that I hope to keep and to have a beer when I travel around Europe (and the world ). I want to thank this wonderful community, and especially members of TG, which gave me the opportunity to be part of this community despite not being a special player (I'm not a pro player, I'm not a mapper, I'm not a scripter...). I will remember with special fondness my Old School room, where I think that I've spent more time than with my family, obviously joking hehe. My road doesn't end here, I have new goals to accomplish. I will visit you from time to time. I wish you all the best, you really deserve it. Thank you all for the moments lived here. I will miss you. Love always, Hangover out.
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    Burying the hatchet

    Hello folks! This is a rather short announcement just to let you guys know that we're giving everyone a second chance. That means we're going to be lifting every ban on the forums and server right after releasing this topic. Now that we're finally moving forward on other frontiers we've come to the conclusion that we should also leave the past behind us. There is a wide variety of reasons that people have received the state of being permanently banned, but we're willing to ditch all of that. Are you able to do the same? Kind regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
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    Way of recruiting

    Welcome! Here's a brief summary about our recruitment and what we're expecting from you. We have recruitment seasons during which you are free to post your own Join Request. After the time is done, we close the section and we vote. After the vote some people may or may not get trial membership to the clan. So then, what are we looking for? We're looking for people who are good at something that's useful to us and talented in communicating with other people, including people that you don't particularly like. As a server, we're especially interested in people who can help us moderate the game server. How about the Join Request? Your Join Request is your advertisement to us. You should write it as if we knew nothing about you in advance, while still keeping it short. We're not interested in your full, detailed history, just the important and relevant bits that you feel like we should know about. It should be written in proper English as that is the language we use. Your Join Request should not be copied or based on someone else's. This doesn't mean you can't use the same layout as someone else but at least make it yourself. Last but not least; if you're very young or don't speak English without problems (you have to use Google Translator or equivalent), you shouldn't even try. It will be a waste of time for the both of us. It might be sad but it's true. You need to be mature. Kind regards, Twisted Gamers Leaders
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    We will never die!

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since our last announcement. Well, this is going to be short, but I'm a bit excited to tell you that our 3.0 is real and we are doing a ʙᴇᴛᴀ release on December 27th. We want the support of the community, you. 'Cause Twisted Gamers is nothing without our players & our lovely community. I really hope I will see you there. From that release we will fix all of the bugs found on those days, then each 1-2 weeks we will be updating the server & launching something new until we finish. But that doesn't mean that we will not update it anymore. ;) Trust on us, we are doing our best effort to give a good, stable & fun server to play on! Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    Im also leaving MTA

    Hello, since Megadreams and TonyxO got banned in-game because certain people doesn't value their members, I've decided that i'll never play on TG either. I'll leave MTA after I first take out the trash.
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    Hi guys, The new TG trials are announced a little sooner than expected. We think that the following trials will be a great addition to our team, and we are excited to see how they do as trials! The following weeks they will be monitored closely to ensure their quality going forth, and we hope that they will exceed our expectations, as many have done before them :) We have decided to take in a lot of members to ensure that our server is being monitored by members most of the time, especially with our new server launching soon. So, a warming welcome to the following 9 new trials, Jarsy1 Wolf_Pack R1KUZ TonyxO Punky Fraan Fano23 Canky mateR* Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
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    Twisted Information

  21. 39 points

    An act of Racism

    We, the staff of Twisted Gamers have decided to eliminate racism, discrimination and intolerance in our community. Racism makes people feel low and depressed, even if this is only a game the comment made about him/her would make a huge impact in his/her day, so we have decided to come up with strict rules against it. What kind of Racism? : Any type of an insult towards the country/religion/color(not even a joke) will not be tolerated. * First act of Racism results to : A warning + 120 minute Mute. * Second act of Racism Results to : 1 day ban. * Third act of Racism Results to : 3 day ban.* Fourth act of Racism Results to : A ban for a week. * Fifth act of Racism results to : A ban for 2 weeks. * Sixth act of Racism results to: A ban for a month * Final act, say Goodbye to TG, a permanent ban which won't be reversed. I would like you all to treat each and every player as an equal and show some respect from here on, together we can stop racism.
  22. 38 points

    Wall of shame - 'Hackers' edition

    As you know, our server was compromised last Saturday by some undesirable individuals. Now, simple reason why we were unable to bring it back online until earlier today is because we had to find our way out to a banlist recover. This being said, and evildoers being added to that list, lets go with what really matters. Some may know these series from other communities, a big shout out to them, and so we thought of making our own episode. Note listed individuals are the ones directly involved, and thus does not mean they are the only responsible, as, more precisely, they are a group. Now, as every robbery and any criminal action overall, they needed an entry point and a way not to leave any trace. Most of you may have heard of Stranger, either because of his repeated attempts of spreading his 'truth' or because he has lately exaggeratedly been worried about who we finally pointed out as guilty. He was not wrong though, being worried, as he now is found out as the one providing previously mentioned entry point. He was given access to our website files, during his period as developer, and so he had access to sensitive data stored there, which contained an user with full permissions used as a hook between our portal and our server. Indeed, you may say, not having changed that data is our fault, but having a considerable amount of developers knowing of it makes this entire situation a bit harder for us to handle - we though are working on avoiding this happening ever again. Keeping the storyline, once he was able to log in using previously mentioned account, both Wade and MightyAce followed him, first logged in using an account Stranger had given rights to earlier - after accidentally failing to log into his personal account -, and second logged into his own account and was then given rights. Concluding this marvelous story, second was the one responsible of banning and kicking players online at that moment. We also are studying and considering on taking legal actions against them. For those interested, clear proof can be found here. Clarifying this too, they tricked the server in order to avoid regular logs from being saved and thus trying not to leave any trace, lame. Previous bans were also removed, which is why we took long as stated above. On the other hand and as a reminder, our capture the flag tournament begins today! Keep an eye on its fixtures and make sure you are on time! Information containing server details will be sent to each team's leader time before match's start.
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    Good Bye TG 2.0 -Montage

    Even tho we didn't get rid of 2.0 yet, I'm still posting this now :3 Good Bye TG 2.0 -Montage (KAPPA) :)
  24. 37 points

    Our situation

    Hey there! In this short announcement I'm talking about our current situation - as you may have noticed, we have been down for almost 2 weeks now, but why, and what are we doing about it? Why? Well, it isn't an MTA server problem, because as you may have noticed, server is still online, but once you try to connect you time out and the server kicks you... With the help of @Tommeh, we have contacted our hosting provider and noticed our network is crashing somehow when the server is sending data. :/ What are we doing about it? Well, as I said we have contacted our host provider, and they are working on it, and hopefully problem will be fixed soon - so stay tuned, for further updates about this issue. We really miss everyone at the server. With nothing else to say for now, I wish you all a great day. Best regards, Twisted Gamers administration.
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    My time to leave.

    Hello there. This might all come off so sudden, but i have decided to leave TG. The reason is private, but i also need to work around few problems in my life, so i don't want to be distracted. I will keep visiting the server as im not leaving MTA itself. I have to thank @V1SH4L, @Unix and @AnUs for the opportunity to join Zurio 2 years ago, which eventually got me into TG. Keep TG going strong, you can do it! MisterQ, I believe in you :) TG will F#¤% everyone else.
  26. 37 points

    V1sh has to go

    (1/2/16)Inactive until March 23rd due to exams(will be active on forums and maybe visit the server on Sundays). I would like to wish you guys the best with the launch of TG 3.0, pretty sure it's going to be huge and i'm sad i won't be apart of it, no worries though since i'm gonna be back soon with new stuff for my channel so stay tuned for that, take care until then and be the best at what you guys are gonna do with your lives, until then take care, cya!
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    Hello there, Today's announcement will be short, because we haven't got a lot of things to say this time. First, we will talk about the new trials, let's congratulate our new trials: @Thomas: Welcome, mate, hope you enjoy your stay! @Known: We're gladly welcoming you to our community. @gemi: You really deserved it with your daily his and byes, welcome aboard! @RadheN: Waiting made worth it for you, didn't it? @Mousy: Welcome and hope you'll enjoy being with us. @Azula: Hope you'll be helpful for us a lot! @Surflexy: Welcome back, former community lagger! Those are the guys we've selected this time, hope they will show you how useful they are. Sadly, we are ending the recruitment session for the time being, but don't get disappointed, we will start it again in some time, and hopefully, we will see some new faces again! Now, switching to another topic - the CTF tournament, we know all of you have been waiting for an update. It has been a long time since we have updated you folks about it, first, we are ending the registration period on 29th July (21:00 GMT + 2). So, hurry up if you haven't registered your team (you can register your team here and if you are unable to find a team, create a post here to let others know that you're looking for a team.), you still have some time left! Since @Vetor3x has been kicked from the clan, @SquoniX and @Mecha have been appointed as the new organizers. But now, when will the matches start? Once we end the registration period, we will start scheduling the matches. The tournament will start in the first week of August. We will contact the team leaders and ask some questions, so be prepared and don't forget to train. Last but not the least, you might have noticed that the following members are no longer with us. We would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them good luck in their future endeavours: @IntreLeX: Left on 30.05.2017 @Break: Kicked on 01.06.2017 @No1seTG: Kicked on 25.06.2017 @LeMoN: Kicked on 25.06.2017 @Vetor3x: Kicked on 05.07.2017 @HyPeX: Left/Retired on 08.07.2017 @Al1eN: Kicked on 19.07.2017 @DaXx: Left on 19.07.2017 With nothing else to say, Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
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    Let's get the party started

    Hello folks! We have travelled a long way to get to where we are today. Members left, members came, but TG has maintained its high quality as a clan. The whole TG clan aswell as a lot of players were disappointed that the upcoming server release date was pushed back many times, but now the time has come to finally bring it to life. I am glad to announce that we are ready to start a big BETA-Test which will take approximately 1 month to really expose bugs but also to include ideas from players. We are going to select 30 people that will test everything. To begin, here are 2 small sneak-peeks. The Registration On our main server you will have the panel to register. Here you have some information/tips: Use /beta command to open panel. You must fill with correct info, otherwise you cannot join into our beta. Do not abuse it or you will be punished. Use SHIFT to write capital letters. Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
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    Final News of 2016

    Greetings, dear community! I come to you with some news from the past few months... But first of all, ♫ I wanna wish you a merry Christmas! ♫ and a wonderul upcoming new year! #HYPE'd of ʙᴇᴛᴀ?! I MOST CERTAINLY AM. So, let's get started! The following staff members have decided to leave our community, on behalf of the whole clan I wish you good luck in your future endeavours: @BatzMan (12.10.2016) @R1KUZ (18.11.2016) @Toretto (04.12.2016) Unfortunately, it's time to let go of some inactive administrators from Twisted Gamers. Below are the people that we must say bye bye to: @CooN! @Roddy @Cumb1erO. @mater @Lokkimoi We've also decided to kick @Dubst3p on 09.12.2016 due to disclosure of various events. Also, due to @Antadorea & @GeroX being busy with school and exams, we have decided to extend their trial periods. Speaking of which, congratulations @No1seTG, @Vetor3x & @Lehelms for passing their trial periods and becoming full TG members! Maybe you have noticed, in the beginning of November we've in silence recruited two people as trials to help @MisterQuestions develop our new TG 3.0. Those people are @Jake (again in TG, wb) & @TRtam. They will remain as trials until further notice along with Antadorea & Gerox, as already stated above. Here are a few unannounced events: - On 14.10.2016 we promoted @Vetor3x to the position of Clan War Manager. - On 18.10.2016 we promoted @Lehelms to the position of Ban Appeal Manager. @Al1eN was also promoted, to the position of Clan War Assistant. Finally...sad to see, #trialfailed @IntreLex ABOUT THE ʙᴇᴛᴀ LAUNCHING ON 27.12.2016 We received a lot of registrations, and here are the randomly, 30 handpicked, participants! The following people get to test the ʙᴇᴛᴀ with TG members. NOTE: If you will be taking someone's slot and not testing at all or just a very minimal amount you will be replaced! 1. @Siisti-C 2. @Pitko 3. @3ventic 4. @StuntPool94 5. @Mondim 6. @BatzMan 7. @Canky 8. @Botond 9. @Deidara. 10. @nuevo89 11. @Pedrin 12. @Doxiu 13. @SmoK3. 14. @Cathrine 15. @Lotte 16. @Zmany 17. @Darius 18. @Raven 19. @Flexxy 20. @GirlGamer 21. @NobeuS 22. @patocua 23. @Valenz 24. @Lalecz867 25. @subzeroDZ 26. @seb1998 27. @C4sp3R 28. @Matei2001 29. @mohamedlounis 30. @SirAlay 31. @V1SH4L Best Regards, Twisted Gamers' Administration
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    New recruits 25.07.2016, CTF knockouts

    Good day! The summer has been quite challenge for us and as a result our memberlist has faced some drastic changes. We had a bunch of people leaving us at these difficult times, other half being kicked for various reasons. For sure it is sad to see many of our oldest members go, but every journey is born with an ending. Sometimes a good one, sometimes not. In the end the only thing we know for a certrainty is that with every ending there is a new beginnning. It was apparent that with such a dent in our line-up of members we had to get some refilling. As a result of the Join requests and internal voting I'd like to congratulate @Cumb1erO., @Zeist, @Mattox, @Dubst3p and @Surflexy for successfully receiving the title of a trial member. As fresh blood is introduced we're going to promote a few of those who have already proven themselves to be worthy of being a part of our team. Congratulations to @MisterQuestions, @NoNameZ and @Roddy for becoming full members. I'm also glad to see that the CTF tournament has seen this much activity, even some emotions have been seen during and after the matches. At this point I'd like to thank everyone who has participated so far as we progress to the knockout rounds. The fixtures for the knockout rounds will be announced this friday! From the next match onwards we will also be providing streaming of the matches, the links will be announced on the forums. Kind regards, Twisted Gamers Administration. P.S. Onyx is coming
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    Groups and Results

    This stunning design was made by @Coronet Fixtures will soon be announced by @MightyAce
  32. 36 points

    The end

    Hey fellas, the title says it all so I will make it really short. Time has come to the end so with this I mean that I am leaving TG and MTA in general. I had really an enjoyable and unforgettable time here in TG community but real life is first, I am a medical student who needs all the day to study and prepare otherwise I fail. I have been already inactive for more than a half of year and I just noticed that I am useless and other players deserve my place. I will be visiting the forum once and a while and I really wish you a good luck with TG3.0. I want to thank TG for accepting me as a clan-member and giving me the ability to be one of their family and I'd like to thank TG members for the impressive 3 years we had together. Over and out, peace!
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    Join requests open

    Hio people. We have decided to open our join requests, to invite a couple of people who can contribute to our clan. Like we stated, what we are looking for is someone who can contribute. To list a couple of those things: * Scripting * Modelling * Leadership(Remember that trust has to be built) * Graphic designer * Extremely detailed mapper (for custom interiors and similar) If you do not find your specific field of interest, remember that you can still apply, a lot of things can be useful to us. This means that if you are a regular player, you are not what we are looking for at this point. This does not mean we aren't going to recruit more people like you in the future. This is merely to make our team more efficient, and hopefully to fill blindspots. For your join request you should have the following: * Age * Country * English abilities (written and spoken, do you have a microphone?) * What you can contribute with and proof that you are good at this We are looking forward to your requests :) Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
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    Hello Twisted Gamers, It has been a while since we have made an announcement about our current status and general information. Trials that became full members: @Paranoid @NoType @Cathrine Congratulations to everybody. Don't stop doing your work inside our team! Our new members: @pitterer is our great developer, now is the time to announce him joining Twisted Gamers. Even though he has been around for quite some time already, Pitterer gives us all of his time to push the development of the server into quality that Twisted Gamers deserves! Personally I can't even get words in my mind on how to thank him for everything he is doing for us! @cawfee has a lot of talent; he knows the C++ language, and tried to help us when we were in need. He has been learning Lua to help other developers with our server progress. Just an amazing guy, that's how I would describe him! I’d like to welcome back our Web Developer @Jake We have contacted him some time ago, to ask him if he would help us with our new website and forum. Jake is really a nice guy who has always been friendly and mature. We are sure that working with him will be our pleasure again! We are very happy to have him back at the right place! List of the members who left us or got kicked: @Trend: Left 24/05/2018 @Mazda: Left 24/05/2018 @MisterQuestions: Left 29/05/2018 @Krew: Left 25/06/2018 @RadheN: Left 01/07/2018 @Monst3R: Left 17/07/2018 @DiatroN: Left 02/10/2018 @AdamJames: Kicked 06/03/2019 @Doxiu: Kicked 06/03/2019 The truth about the 3.0 ALPHA and work with MisterQuestions: Finally we are ready to tell you the truth about 3.0 ALPHA's launch, and our experience with MisterQuestions. Let’s start from the beginning. Our first date of dissapointment was on 21/07/2017. We were already planning on launching our first 3.0 Beta at the end of July, or the beginning of August 2017. This was the first situation of many, when most of our members lost their motivation and felt sad to see that their so well dreamed of server is not coming out as it was supposed to. Now, it is time to move on in to the date of MisterQuestion’s 2nd try of the Twisted Gamers 3.0 Project. Everything seemed to go well, progress was supposed to be running good, we had two working developers. 06/04/2018: Our Twisted Gamers 3.0 open BETA was supposed to be launched - but sadly MisterQuestions had problems at his university, so we had to postpone the launch. 07/04/2018: We were waiting until the last second for MisterQuestions to come online. Yet he came 30 minutes later than anticipated and the server was not ready to be launched. After a few hours he notified us, that it was going to be an ALPHA server... We were as shocked as the rest of you. We thought that it was some kind of joke from his side, but sadly it wasn’t. He launched 3.0 without any features - without a dashboard, statistics, etc. We were sure that he would push his updates into GIT, so PieT could help him with fixing everything. This was the worst thing that Twisted Gamers could have ever imagined - we lost our playerbase, we lost your trust, we lost all hope to rebuild our motivation and start working again. But thanks to @pieT and @pitterer we have finally found our way into a better future for the Twisted Gamers community! And it was going on like that day after day, week after week, until he left our team. Development: @pitterer and @pieT have been working on an entirely new project, a server made completely from scratch. The progress has been going outstanding this time and we have some examples to show you what it will look like: Dashboard Concept: also here we’d like to get your feedback, 'cause you are the ones who are going to use it the most! ;) Website in Progress: Thanks to @pieT and @Jake, our new website is also in progress. This photo will show you a little sneak peek of what it will look like. Outro: We hope that everything will be finished this time, so we can finally have a successful server again. With an awesome community as it used to be. As soon as we are ready to launch our 'Beta Tests', we will open a new section on our forums called “Beta Tester Application”. This time we have chosen to do 'Closed Beta Tests', to be sure we can provide a server with quality - for every single player. Applications will be either 'Accepted' or 'Denied' within a maximum of two days by the Twisted Gamers Administration. Remember! We won’t give any exact launch date this time, as we don’t need any more failures and I hope that by this announcement/information topic you will understand us and our situation - also our past and the future! Once again we want to come back strong and this time without failures! This is everything for today's announcement. - Twisted Gamers administration.
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    Hello, dear community. On today’s topic we have: our server, member update and TG 3.0. Server. Back. Online! As you may have noticed, we were around a month offline, or you could not join the server - or if you could then you would’ve timed out anyway so it was clear nobody could play on our server for weeks! At first, we were under a mild DDoS attack which led to an unexpected issue on our hosting providers network. It took us a while to locate the issue in the network, but after a long support debate and a dozen of network analysis tests we were able to sort it out. Member update As of 25.04.2017, @Surflexy has unfortunately left us, he had just been promoted to our community manager; he was an important key member for us, as he already was our social media manager and head designer as well… Let’s wish him good luck! Also @Danx left us on 05.04.2017, and @TRtam on 02.05.2017, thanks for what you both did to us and good luck on your future endeavors! Due to this, @MisterQuestions has been promoted to a co-leader, congratulations! I’m sure we’ll be doing great things together. Join requests have been opened since our last recruitment and they will remain opened, so if you didn’t get accepted this time don’t give up! We already handpicked @IntreLeX & @Break for development purposes – congratulations! Our fresh meat in our family this time are: - @Hope - @Bullet:3 - @SquoniX - @Tron. Congratulations! TG 3.0 See our TG 3.0 Preview -topic for a brand-new login panel sneak peek video! That’s it for today’s news. Best regards, Twisted Gamers’ Administration
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    Gettin' ready!

    Greetings everyone! As promised, we're bringing you the latest information about our clan and community together with some special news, you shall surely be interested in! Let's get straight to the point... Internal changes: Since my and @Impzy's promotion, we've been working together to get our current members ready for their tasks. We're leading indeed great members, so we exactly knew who will be the best option for certain roles. - Forum's moderator: 2 members have been appointed to this important role. Their great work on the forum wasn't unnoticed and this is the result. Congratulation @ChroniK and @fano23. - Clan Wars' manager: This member has great experiences in managing Clan Wars and leading his team to victory! This pick was obvious, so we'd like to wish the best of luck to @FoundeR and his future steps. Good luck in future Clan Wars! @Mecha will be handling stats of each CW, as he's proven himself in this role of Clan Wars' assistant. - Social media's manager: Did you know that @Surflexy's Twitter's account has reached 10 000 followers a few days ago? It indeed has! Our designer seems to be pretty popular over social networks and that's the reason he's been appointed to handle our networks. Advertising for such an audience could be helpful. (Maybe a new TG account on Twitter with 10 000 followers incoming?) - Ban appeals' manager: One of the most active members of TG, @DiablO. has been appointed to handle requests. (Unban, unmute, etc..) Good luck and nerves! - Reports'/Complaints' manager: We believe that @PRODaN could easily handle such role because he was leading a community back in the days. Good luck to you too! - Maps' managers: @Danx and @PRODaN will be handling OS' maps from now on. @Mecha, as a great Shooter and CTF player, will be taking care of this kind of maps. @Cumb1erO.'s task is to separate maps for DM, Race and Hunter. Good luck to every single person above. We believe that you're just great for these roles. Don't let us down! Newcomers? Loyalty, sincerity, ability, devotion, maturity... That's right! We're looking for new members from now on. Are you interested in joining? Do you believe you'd be an important part of our team? Are you determined enough to overcome all obstacles during your presence in our team? Are you mature enough to represent our team in the best way? If your responses were all positive, you're the right person. Let us know you're interested in joining our team by posting a ''Join Request''! Put a lot of effort into creating your request. We'll be extremely strict while picking new people to our team. Your join request represents your best characteristics and abilities. Keep it in mind. Priority! We'll be focusing on developers this time. If you're a developer (coder, modeller, designer) and you want to contribute, it's your time. Let us know about your skills and abilities in your Join Request. (Don't worry if you're not a developer. We'll invite loyal and skilled players too. Give it a try!) Sneak Peeks! No, we didn't forget. We've prepared some pictures from our upcoming project. @MisterQuestions together with our members (@Surflexy, @DiablO., @Dubst3p, @TonyxO) were working. The result is really amazing and I'm here to show something to you. (The work isn't done yet, but I believe we're in a good way now.) ►► http://imgur.com/a/WQME0 ◄◄ That's everything for today's news. Hopefully, we've convinced you that we're not done yet. We keep working to provide you the best gaming experience. ;) Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    Stepping forward

    Once again we've had some big changes in our team's line up. Our co-leader @V1SH4L has announced that he will be leaving the team. You will find more details about his decision in his topic here. Thank you for all the work you put in to our team @V1SH4L, we'll dearly miss such a great and loyal member like you. Good luck in your future steps! Vishal did not go down alone though. Here is the list of members that will also be remembered for their efforts: @Siisti-C, @3ventic, @Rhypz and @Default437. We wish you the best of luck in whatever you're going to do guys. Thank you for your attendance in our community. Farewell! Managing TG is not that easy task so obviously, we have to promote people to work on this task. After talking with our members and considering the options I've come to the decision to promote @Pitko and @Impzy to stand up for the task. With new management, changes are more than likely to happen. Only time will tell which direction this will take us, yet I have my utmost confidence in these people. We will also be selecting people to fill out the rest of the management jobs that have been left to dust due to these changes. These changes together with some secret additions will be announced any time soon. Stay tuned! Moving to the most important part ►► New server! Since @MisterQuestions has become our new head developer, there were a lot of changes in our future progress. It might be surprising for every single player, yet it's true. Due to @MisterQuestions's amazing work, we're even closer to the release than you could possibly think. Reveal @MisterQuestions's plans in his personal announcement: ''Empty words without any proof!'' Yeah, we failed endless times in the matter of providing a new update. We're aware of this fact, so we've prepared something special for you. A couple of sneak peeks will be delivered in our next announcement. Preparing a lot of new changes for the near future. Is TG somewhere near to the end? Don't worry, it's not. We're still around! It's everything for today's news... Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    Hello! Lets get straight to the point, It has been 2 months of agony on the state of TG 3.0 and as the developers incharge of getting the job done have been busy and will continue to be until an undisclosed date. That does not mean that we haven't done any progress. Myself and @Tommeh have decided to make a few changes on how development will work from now. As you were informed before about us looking for new talented and motivated developers the result is finally here. @MightyAce(Who was recruited earlier) @MisterQuestions and @Jake, the ones that have passed the test and caught our attention. Three highly motivated, talented, matured and most importantly friendly people have joined us. They will be working on the further development of 3.0 with the rest of our developers lead by @AdamJames. Now you surely might not know them very well but not to worry as you can find their introduction down below. MightyAce: I'm known in-game for the nickname 'MightyAce', I've been playing this game for around 5 years now. I only play for fun, I never had the intention of becoming a professional at any of the gamemodes, mainly I see this game as an opportunity to improve myself in multiple fields, such as my English skills, and some coding and/or designing related stuff. I like to code and design, but the thing is I have nowhere to gain more experience as I still am in school and I wouldn't really get a job to do either of these things, MTA and TG have given me a chance to both gain experience at these fields and also help them out in their projects. Ever since I joined this community back in 2013, I felt at home and whenever I tried to move on to any other community, it felt bad and just not as comfortable, because Twisted Gamers literally became my home. Finally joining the clan after years of trying feels so great, and I intend to do everything in my power to help this clan pull through any sort of situation. ________________________________________________________________ He is our new clan war manager as well, as you have been informed before. Welcome and congratulations! ________________________________________________________________ MisterQ(Questions): my real life name is Fernando, I live in Mexico and I'm 16 year old, which also means I still am at high school. I always try to be a friendly guy, and I like to help others if it's possible. For me, if something is wrong I can give my support if needed. I started my career in MTA:SA approximately in 2011/2012, since I was new to MTA:SA, I started looking for servers and I used to have fun by playing on different deathmatch servers, because I didn't know of the race gamemode by then. One day, I joined a server which had that gamemode (race), and from the very first moment of seeing it I got really interested in this gamemode, and then I began playing it more and more and with time I came to know big communities, one of them was TG, I really admired all the work and effort that was made in order to make such scripts. With that inspiration I decided to learn to script to make things like those and maybe even better, to perhaps even help the community if any help is to be needed. And with lot of practice and dedication I got enough scripting skills to make some really amazing things. Since I got all of this knowledge I wanted to contribute my skills in some community, and I decided to do it at TG, 'cause for me it's a really friendly community with mature members and really good organization. TG has lot of things to show, and if I could help in that process, I will be really glad for offering everything in my power. My goals in this Community are simple and clear, to be friendly with everyone and help in everything that is possible, to help TG in having the best MTA:SA server in the industry. __________________________________________________________________ It's nice to see someone that has been inspired by us to script and now develop for us. Congratulations MisterQ and welcome aboard! ___________________________________________________________________ Jake: I am from austria and 20 years old. Why i want to join TG is simple. In my opinion TG is a very epic Server and also the team is a really good composition of people. My target was always to get into the development team of Twisted Gamers from the time I started to play MTA Race. Another fact for my decision is the point that I want to create new, nice and funny scripts to offer the users of TG a variety of racemodes. I am greatful that i got the chance to join the Twisted Gamers crew. If you have any wishes/suggestions or complaints dont hesitate to contact me. _____________________________________________________________________ Good to see you achieve your target finally, Happy birthday to you and congratulations. Welcome aboard! _____________________________________________________________________ Congratulations to @Cheslav @ChroniK @Danxzor @Default437 @EM1N3M @MightyAce @Toadflox for passing their trial period successfully. @MisterQuestions & @Jake will undergo a trial period. As we are happy to bring in new people, it is also sad to see some leave. @Ramsy & @AnUs have left us, thank you for your contribution to Twisted Gamers and good luck with your further endeavours. Thats that! 3.0 is coming Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration Team
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    [THEME] Twisted Gamers v1

    Hello everyone, there is a simple theme made by me some time ago, I'm releasing this as a gift after all. Images below: How to install: Images : Go to your MTA Directory (/MTA San Andreas 1.5/MTA/cgui/images and paste all the images there. Interface : 1° Go to your MTA Directory (/MTA San Andreas 1.5/skins and paste the file called "TG Theme v1" there. 2° Start your game then go to Settings -> Interface and select "TG Theme v1" Download Interface Download Images Hope you all enjoy it c:
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    Member Announcement (04/04/2017)

    Greetings, We have been through a lot of changes in the last month, as you may already noticed we've released the first part of a hotfix update to the 2.0 server, also the second and probably the last one being released through this thread. What has changed in 2.0 server: • Shooter maps' duration time limited to 5 minutes ( will be readjusted soon ) • Fixed an issue with maps' music -script • Fixed an issue with FPS drops while downloading maps' files ( Tutorial ) Last but not least, it's been quite a small time since we opened join requests and we have decided to recruit some of them already due to our internal changes. Congratulations to the first 2017 trials: • @Mazda • @Xizen • @Doxiu • @DiatroN • @Krew • @Cumb1erO. ( Welcome back ) Welcome guys, good luck! Also congratulations to @Antadorea and @GeroX for passing their trial period! If you didn't get accepted this time, don't worry, join requests are still open and will stay there til we build a decent and loyal team once again. Servers are back online, we are really sorry for the delay! ( mtasa:// ) Best regards, Twisted Gamers' Administration.
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    Hello, I'm back.

    Hello everyone, I hope that you guys are good and still happy playing this game. My name is Sebastian aka SebaS, I'm 21 years old and I have playing this game since 2010. Since I started to play this game, I've been fascinated for mapping, so 2 months later of playing I started to make maps full time and I created 17 versions and some featuring maps that I'm very proud. As you know, I had to leave the game for the university and work but now I'm back, less active but I'm back, feel free if you want to add me on skype: sebasrl95 I'm back to make maps and sell them. The above sentence was a joke, I never sold a map, I just want to remember old times, keep playing and why not make more maps! Cheers, SebaS.
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    happy topic

    Frustration, desperation and a touch of disappointment. Feelings that have been with us quite a long period now, sadly. Feelings perhaps caused by us not squeezing ourselves enough, repeatedly failing to deadlines or simply because you, our lustrous community, were poorly, if not barely, informed through the entire situation. Now, main reasons why we decided to zap what our update had come to after time are working on a new system and thus having current developers knowing how it works exactly, and thereby speed progress up, and altogether leaving an era of decay. Going straightforwardly from now on, there indeed is a considerably lengthy development path to go, but I presumably am announcing nearly half is passed. Being technical, our internal system permits an easy game mode addition (which does affect the required time positively), relies on client-server communication the least possible (gladly reducing lag) and as an innovatiory feature, trully identical map files are downloaded once - meaning if two maps contain the exact same texture, despite having different names, only a single file is saved (gladly, again, reducing required disk space). Besides, current modes built on top include primary race-based ones and capture the flag. We also are, though, working on astounding fresh ideas, which I ruefully am keeping for now. Aside, complementary features (login, user panel, etc.) are being worked on too. Regarding our capture the flag tournament, it is going to be held under this previously described new system. Meaning we will let you guys see what it looks like forehand and moreover do an exhaustive testing. Concluding, we not quite a long time ago had an internal vote where our members could give their opinion on whether they wanted development blogs. Majority agreed with having them but there was a tie on visibility, public or private and thus only visible internally - and so I am now asking you to give yours! And as a final note. I ask you to please comprehend we truly are doing our best in order to deliver what progressively was vanishing. That is all from our side, thanks for your continuous support and comprehension over years.
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    sad topic

    Your browser does not support sadness.
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    Hello, Twisted Gamers, Finally the time has come, today’s announcement will be short - but very important for Twisted Gamers' future. First of all we’d like to announce you our internal changes. Our first trials of 2018 has just been voted for and those are the lucky ones who made into our team: @Paranoid @Trend @ExTreMe14 @NoType @Cathrine @AnarchY I’d like to congratulate each one of you for the patience and your great presence in our community, keep it up! Sadly there are also few members who aren’t with us anymore: Leon > Kicked - 08/11/2017 RaYz > Left - 16/01/2018 Mousy > Left - 17/01/2018 Boudi > Left - 23/01/2018 Chronik > Kicked - 11/03/2018 Last but not least my hardest congratulations for @pieT who successfully passed his trial period and got himself a developer rank! Now it’s the time for our most important news we had since so long time. We are shutting down our server... Well, its time has come to a sad ending, finally, we have decided to shutdown our main server on 20th of March 2018, but it has a good purpose behind, it's about our 3.0 official release. In the coming days, we are doing hard tests in the gamemode, to check everything is ok and not to disappoint you. (Once again). With enough tears we say good bye to 2.0, thanking all of the developers who collaborated with in it, and most important thanking you goes to you - for supporting us the entire time (playing with us, having fun with us, enjoying being with us) Thanks to everybody. Hello 3.0! For a really loooong time waiting, we finally managed to make this dream come true, to give a reborn to our actual server with some awesome features, fixes, and improvements. In this early alpha state of gamemode (yes it has much more to come with time) we are releasing our basic race modes - but don't get disappointed too soon, we will be working hard to improve proximal issues (if found) and release more gamemodes with much <3 . This is a well-prepared multigamemode to handle various gamemodes running at once trying to be smooth and prepared for the future, anything can be included with some lines of code. Best regards, Twisted Gamers' administration.
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    The grand opening

    Hello there. Time passes fast, people come and go (with some exceptions), but we are still here, stronger than ever, reborn from the ashes as a phoenix, Yes, you already waited for enough time, we are still working on somethings to be prepared for one of the most important dates for us. With a lot of effort and dedication, we are prepared to announce you that we are making an official release of our alpha 'Phoenix' project Aka. 3.0 on April 7th. of the running year, with a lot of features to enjoy the gameplay. This project aims to be bigger than it currently is, but we feel good to start once again with our basic racing rooms (Deathmatch with three subdivisions which are Deathmatch, Hard Deathmatch and Classic Deathmatch, Old School, Demolition Derby, Hunter, Shooter, Capture The Flag and Training). We are well prepared to expand to more stuff easily, expect other rooms as expansion to race and non-race game modes. As a personal and really important note, I'll say that we are going to be doing continuous updates taking care of issues and implementing new features. You can see a countdown here: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/539790/30-official-release. Another important part of this topic is about some internal changes from our team, being brief I'd like to congratulate @PRODaN because he has been promoted to Co-Leader due his awesome job and I've been promoted to full Leader. With some effort, we will forge our community back again to its glory days. Finally, once again I'd like to thank you all for waiting and still being with us, we'll try to make our best to not disappoint you and make our community great again. Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
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    Hey there, It's been a while since our last announcement, and today, I am glad to tell you about something new. In the past few days, we've had some internal changes related to our infrastructure, I will explain the changes in detail below. The changes are related to the new roles, which are: Community Manager: Yes, this role was empty for some time, but that will no longer be the case. We have given this role to @fano23. We felt that he is capable of taking care of our community which requires a lot of responsibility. Server Moderator: This is one of the new roles that we have created, the person having this role has to manage the whole server, he has a few more permissions over all rooms, @PRODaN is taking this role. Forum Moderator: We can't leave @ChroniK alone, so we decided to add @PRODaN here as well. Discord Moderator: You'll think we are crazy, but no, being a Discord Moderator will still have some responsibilities. @SquoniX will be the one given this place, he will try to increase our server's activity, moderate it if needed and change the atmosphere over there. Social Media Manager: We don't have someone to take care of our social networks, so we've decided to give @Mazda this role. Clan War Manager: @Vetor3x decided to retire from this role, and I really appreciate what he has done for us and I we thank him. Since the role was empty, we decided that @Mecha will take his place as the Clan War Manager, this role is a bit different now due to another new role which has been explained below. Gamemode Managers: Someone who's really capable of managing a gamemode, creating a squad, managing maps, toptimes, etc. We are currently adding gamemode managers & assistants for: Deathmatch: We are taking @Hope as our manager and @Doxiu as his assistant. Shooter: @Mazda is the most capable member for this role, and he will be the one to manage it. @Mecha will be his assistant. Old school: @Impzy will be managing this gamemode. Hunter: @Cumb1erO. will be managing this gamemode. Capture the Flag: @Mecha will be the one who will take care of everything here. Race: @Cumb1erO. will be managing this gamemode. These are the most important changes you'll see at the moment, but it's also important to add that we've entrusted @Tron. with the 'Reports Manager' role and @Zeist with the 'Trial Manager' role. I would like to congratulate these members for finally passing their trial period: @Mazda @Xizen @Doxiu @DiatroN @Krew @Cumb1erO. Please keep in mind that the new trials' trial period has not ended yet. Best regards,Twisted Gamers' Administration.
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    My time is over.

    Hello. Today I am sad to say that I have decided to leave TG & MTA. With recent happenings I no longer feel like being a part of the MTA community. With many years behind me playing MTA, this has grown very tiresome and is more stressful than anything, and with the extra bullshit from all fronts I've decided I no longer want this, I'd rather focus my time on something else and enjoy my freetime. I will say that any accusations from FFS against me were completely false, a lot of people know I've been on vacation and spreading these scripts is not something I could have done from my phone. Scripts I also don't have and don't have any intention of retrieving. I've not been involved in this at all, not years ago and not now, it is something that I would never condone doing from a moral standpoint. I will continue my friendship with those who have been good friends over the years, and of course continue to work with Unix with his endeavours, as we've done for almost a decade! Perhaps I'll see some of you over at JC3MP some day. Have fun. Sincerely, ouyso.
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    Member Announcement

    Hey, Today we have decided that we will invite the two following players as trial members: @Chari & @Synchro. We will still be inviting more people, but it will spread out. This is because we are still considering other people, so don't count yourself out yet. Congratulations to the both of you! Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration.
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    Member update, Team war

    Hello! Member update: The long await has finally come to an end, 2 weeks ago we decided to look for a few new weapons to enhance our army and they came in numbers. A total of 39 applied from which it was hard to pick as the voting result was really close, that was one of the reason it took time. Let's get straight to the result, we have picked 3 new faces who are @Al1eN @DiablO. & @FoundeR and a warm welcome back to @Mecha & @PRODaN. Congratulations to you guys and to the ones that haven't made it, make no mistake it was tough competition during the vote, so don't give up. As it brings us great happiness in seeing new faces here it surely saddens us to see people go, @Cheslav @Mattox @EM1N3M @Toadflox & @Coronet are no longer a part of us and we wish the best with their future. Congratulations to @Surflexy @Zeist @Cumb1erO. & @Dubst3p who have successfully passed their trial period and now are full members. Shooter Team war: Moving forward, we felt there was a little clan time missing between us so we decided to have our very own team war. Everyone will be allowed to spectate. Details will soon be posted by our host @fano23 at the events section. A little development update will soon be given, so stay tuned for that as well :) Best regards, Twisted Gamers Administration Team