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    Brotherhood Without Banners

    We had a tough match against Outlaws. It took us two hours of play-time. We played more than four extra times in the 3rd round and managed to get a win-score. We won two rounds and lost a round. We're going to face another hard team in the semi-finals - Perrin Satanquence666. You could see a graphic banner includes the players and date/time, made by @Mazen.
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    @Wolf-Pack cuz he started hating on turtles @frog cuz lagging @V1SH4L cuz best leader
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    Surflexy me ajuda com minha conta cara nmrl, minha conta foi hakiada, aqui é o Aleeex<~ hoje fui tentar logar e nao deu, o email do cara é esse aqui random.384@outlook.com , apareceu no meu email, ''New email'' ''random.384@outlook.com'' ''Old email'' ''ruanviado@live.com'' que seria o meu, ajuda eu nmrl ;-; unica conta que eu tenho, fiz essa aqui agr mais aquela la tinha tudo que eu precisava e muito xp ;-; pliss help me, por favor msm,
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    @Canky, @Lukas123, @Knif3, @Division, @Pitko, @zxcvbnm123, @Ramsy. Sorry guys. I hate turtles. Happy birthday, Ramsy..