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    I'm back!

    Hello boys! I will be around here sometimes again! In love Hope<3
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    Happy bday @Frosch (InterFace) <3

    Happy bday @Frosch (InterFace) <3
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    Some of us may be suffering from low FPS because of our potato computers, or laptops. I am going to list up some solutions with details to help you to solve low FPS issue. This thread is not exclusive for Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, those clauses i have wrote may work out in any game you play. I will list every known and unknown solutions i know. Our sweet spot is going to be 60 frames per second. Frames per second may change, it's up to your computer's specifications. 1. In-Game Graphic Settings I guess you already knew about this, most of us knew it but i still wanted to state this for be helpful to beginners and users who doesn't know a shit about computers and games at all. I guess we all know how to lower quality of the games we play but i still want to give you videos and screenshots of some of them. Grand Theft Auto: V Keeping settings low will definitely increase your frames per second, without any doubt. Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas For MTA:SA settings; Keeping resolution low will decrease quality of the game hell much, but it may increase FPS of the game. Draw Distance is some kind of horizon line, i don't know how to say that. If you raise up your draw distance, you will be able to see further, which may decrease your frames per second or give out some FPS drops. Keeping FX Quality low is an option too. 2. Background Programs You can open background programs tab by pressing CTRL + Alt + Delete at the same time. Check "Processes > Background Processes" and stop running unnecessary programs by clicking on them and pressing Delete. An example image of task manager 3. Downloading latest drivers Click here to download latest driver for your Nvidia graphics card Click here to download latest driver for your AMD graphics card There may be issues without frames per second because of your outdated driver, so this is a nice solution. Updates are coming up too often so you should check for updates for your drivers often too. If you’re not sure which card you have, both sites offer an automatic detection tool to get you the right package. Some people also say removing Nvidia GeForce Experience fixes their FPS struggle in all games. Not even bothering to talk about Intel. You shouldn't use Intel.. Just don't. 4. Cleaning your computer from useless files with CCleaner CCleaner's job is, removing useless things from your hard drive to keep the performance of the computer higher. Old temporary files created by programs, temporary Internet files for Internet Explorer, Windows error report logs, and more. You can run this tool at any time to free up disk space. Download link for CCleaner 5. Razer Game Booster Razer Cortex This is also an option for keep up performance of the games while you enjoy your games. "Game Booster" is enough explaination i guess. Tho' this program doesn't speed up games that it makes a huge difference. This is only beer nuts after the meal. 6. Updating "All" Drivers Driver Booster 4 I was having major FPS drop issue lately regarding to MTA:SA and @Impzy suggested me this program to update all my drivers other than graphic cards too. I have seen less more drops after updating all my drivers with this suggestion. 7. Download Drivers from your computer brand's site Here are some of computer brands's sites. Including my computer. All sites are English, you can find yourself on your own language. Casper (Turkish) Hewlett-Packard (HP) Toshiba Dell Asus Acer Lenovo Sony Samsung LG 8. Downloading GTA:SA Low-end patch (by @hopper) There is a resource that removes smokes and nitrous effect. Also flames too as far as i remember. It may boost your FPS by 2 or 3. I used it before but since i fixed my issue already i started to use default shaders again. GTA San Andreas Low-End Patch v0.9 Extras Counter Strike: Global Offensive: You can disable Xbox DVR to keep up performance of the game. It's a common issue nowadays. Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Some routers come with a Quality of Service (QoS) feature. When enabled, QoS allows you to set traffic priorities to the devices on your network, as well as traffic types (Activision Support). Not every computer is able to record videos and stream gameplays really well.. Do you have FPS issue in Twisted Gamers server? Check this thread!
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    its so effectively when i eat a chocolate it gives me, chocolate aimbot make sense on everygame ;)
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    s dr sy4ka ;*

    s dr sy4ka ;*
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    Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

    Good Intro ;)
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    Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

    Dat Intro
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    Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

    nice intro noob ♥
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    Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

    just wow
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    Mower ft Cookie - Star Wars II

    nice pre-Intro, love that Mapping Style (:
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    Burying the hatchet

    Gj bois. TG will take over mta soon!
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    ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)┌∩┐

    ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)┌∩┐
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    Thenico - Drowning of Fumes 2

    A quote from Thenico in FFS' forum:
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    Thenico - Drowning of Fumes 2

    Thanks to SymoN
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    Thenico - Drowning of Fumes 2

    Stop creating useless shit :)
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    How to fix FPS drop

    I didn't know it to be honest, I was wondering why I couldn't play with proper fps