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    Let's get the party started

    Hello folks! We have travelled a long way to get to where we are today. Members left, members came, but TG has maintained its high quality as a clan. The whole TG clan aswell as a lot of players were disappointed that the upcoming server release date was pushed back many times, but now the time has come to finally bring it to life. I am glad to announce that we are ready to start a big BETA-Test which will take approximately 1 month to really expose bugs but also to include ideas from players. We are going to select 30 people that will test everything. To begin, here are 2 small sneak-peeks. The Registration On our main server you will have the panel to register. Here you have some information/tips: Use /beta command to open panel. You must fill with correct info, otherwise you cannot join into our beta. Do not abuse it or you will be punished. Use SHIFT to write capital letters. Best regards, Twisted Gamers.
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    Let's get the party started

    I can't wait for this :D TG has always been my number one team & server in my heart!
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    Let's get the party started

    @d7omey.At the moment we can only allow ppl that are not banned from our current server to join the beta. After we finished our beta Period you can make a new unban appeal and then we will see further (depending on the banreason and your behaviour). @ThugLife69 nice to hear that you are very interested in Twisted Gamers future. I am glad to tell you that you will have the chance to test our new TG 3.0 after we have launched it to our main-server. In the meanwhile I wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year.
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    Zebra - Reach Out

    Hello fellas. Finally I've finished this video and it's editing. To be honest, I'm impressed by the things I've learned after using After Effects. I didn't expect to get a better results from myself, but by following some tutorials and working on myself, I've discovered a lot of useful stuff and skills, which I'm trying to share with you. I'm trying to do it for my subscribers only. I want to show you, that current video editors still able to do a cool and great stuff, which could be way different than simple edit. Hope you will like the video I've made this time and you will leave it a lot of likes! Let's talk about map. @Zebra made a cool map, which is so enjoyable for me. I've felt in love, when I saw it for the first time. I hope that I will see much more of his maps on my channel! Overall this map is smooth and great for driving. It remind some old school stuff but with new school pieces. I've already seen some previews of his second volume and it's gorgeous. Ignacio said that this map is pure shit and it doesn't need a cool edit, but I hope that this edit was cool enough! Anyways, check the video and share your opinion. I hope that you will like the work both of us and let's finally reach a point of 800 subscribers on my channel. Leave a like and subscribe to my channel by following the link below! Make me a tiny gift for a Christmas & New Year. Zebra - Reach Out Subscribe via this link - http://bit.ly/WpfPuq Sincerely, REFLEXTV
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    [DM]ZeAn vol.5 - Exchange

    Hi guys, I haven't been around for quite some time and just decided to edit another video. My friend ZeAn here has finished his last volume map. I enjoyed the smooth track and matching decoration but I'm kind of sad about him putting an end to his mapping career. I hope you like both the map and the video. p.s: Thanks to NitroN for sending me 6s intro. ► Credits: Led Lights made by NitroN. Infernus mod by Micra. Mods used: Ultrathing Software used: Adobe After Effects 2015 6s intro made by BapE. ► Songs: 1) Vanic Ft. Katy Tiz - Samurai (BKAYE Remix)
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    [DM] XeraH V2 - Reckless Adventure

    nice map and video. Good job guys.
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    Tbh everyone can join till the 15 members are reached and if the guys who joined are too bad and get to rank 15 and get beaten by someone who wants to join it's their badluck. My goal by this group is to get a beast like team over the time btw... ^^
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    Hey, I'm Break!

    Hello everyone, Today I'm introducing myself as Break, my MTA history is faster. I joined TG in 2011 and in that year I moved to Spain, so I was inactive in MTA and got kicked in same year, 2011, from TG. When I came back I joined in >VIP< but suddenly it was dieying so I left and now I'm back here, I can't forget TG as my first clan and my first server so I'd like to get here forever till my career in MTA die, so I can't write anything more about my MTA life. My name is Jose, I'm from Colombia and I am 20 years old. I moved to Spain in 2011 because of my parents, they moved our family to Spain because they needed job and they found it here, in Spain. Now I'm studying in university and everything is going good in my family, so I think that's all, if you wanna know something feel free to ask it, I'll answer without problems, if it's something private, I'll do it via PM. Thanks for your time in my introduce, with love, Break!