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    Just won 120€ on Placrad, Congratz to me x)
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    Howdy! Here comes the first video with new rig recorded by me. I love this old smooth style map they made here! Be free to comment the map, and of course the quality of the video. Every comment is appreciated. Led Lights by NitroN Song: Elektronomia - Vision
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    Hey buddys,today i bring you the new feat map of Mattox and Wintex!Lights. Zoilo v1Infernus. CsaweeMusic. Tommy Trash - Luv U Giv (NGHTMRE Remix) Sincerely, Wayzee
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    [DM] Damian ft. ? ft. ? - ?

    Heyo guys, im looking for two or three partners who would like to finish this map with me, comment below if you are interested.
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    Absolutely loved the map! Great quality Rockbreaker, good to see you around again buddy.
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    I've already played this map, i like it^^ Good job!
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    TG Banners, Avatars,

    New another topic about Banner's and Avatar's...
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    Reveal your Infernus

    This is my beauty: With working Neon lights without scripts. @Known 3/10
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