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    The end

    Today is the day that we will be closing TG. We've been struggling to come on top of our problems for such a long time that I've come to the verdict that is it no longer viable for us to keep going forward. It's been nearly a decade since we started TG and during that time we've accomplished a lot. In fact I never expected us to become anywhere near as big and well established as we were. Unfortunately that also sets us such a high level of expectations that we're not able to meet them with our current setup. Back in the days when TG was nothing we were able to start from small. We didn't have a fancy server, big development team nor the best CW team that was out there. Instead we had a small team that was very well bonded and highly motivated to improve in every aspect. Step by step we were able to build the community stronger and better and I couldn't be more happy about the time we've had. However everything has to come to an end eventually. I will not go in to details about what eventually brought us to an end as it would be enough to write a novel. Just to sum it up we've had too many setbacks in every field for the past few years. Even though we didn't have the most glamorous ending I'm still happy thinking about all the experiences we've had together. I would like to thank everyone who was a part of TG's story, you are the ones who made this all happen. Who knows, maybe we could do something in the future as a team again, but at this point I wouldn't have high hopes for that.
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