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I would like to announce that we now have a new gamemode for you to enjoy playing, the new gamemode is a mode without vehicles, it is our first gamemode which you run or walk around. The idea of the gamemode came from the very popular mode on Garrys Mod and the ratings when I did an ingame vote were quite high for the mode.


Prop Hunt


The gamemode is basically Hide 'n' Seek, but with a twist. The players that hide are objects instead of regular peds, you can move around and rotate and hide where ever you think is best. The seekers which in this case are hunters have different weapons and a maximum bullet count to try and find the props before the map timer ends.



Like all gamemodes, PropHunt has rules:

- No teaming

- No AFKing in the room

- No telling others where PROPs are

- No cheating

- No bug abusing if there is any



Your task is to choose an object and blend in as much as you can. You get 30 seconds to hide before the hunters are released, your controls are below:

- To change object hold RIGHT-CLICK and then LEFT-CLICK the object which you want to change in to.

- To rotate your object hold LEFT-CLICK and then look around and your object will rotate.

- Press F1 to taunt



Your task is to find all the props, the props get a 30 second head start, during the head start the screen will be faded. Be careful because you are limited on the amount of bullets you can use each round, the current limits are:

- 30 Pistol bullets

- 50 MP5 bullets

- 2 Grenades

- Press F1 to taunt


The Bar (Lobby)

Thanks to MikeAir we have a new lobby/bar for people to change gamemode with, you can go ingame to explore the big lobby, however you can also see a snapshot of the lobby below!



Radar and NOS

I decided to include the new radar and NOS feature in the current server instead of the new main server which is still in development. The radar and NOS can be seen below:



The Future

We still have many updates to follow, this includes the new main server with more gamemodes and exciting features, as well as the new map editor server which is still in development and close to BETA! Stay tuned for that information which should be around the corner very soon!


Please report any bugs and post any suggestions you may have for the new features on the tracker on the Portal.


Thanks, have fun!

Twisted Gamers Management and Development Team!

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