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When you reply in this forum, make sure that you have something that will be relevant in the thread.
Read more here: https://forum.twisted-gamers.net/topic/13458-unnecessary-posts-1-warning/
Your report or ban appeal will be reviewed by an admin allowed to do so by the complaints or ban appeal manager, if you report an admin, he himself is not allowed to handle the report, only defend himself. If you do not follow the required form your thread will be deleted after 3 days.

If you experience that your report or ban appeal is not followed up on correctly or in a timely manner, PM Darmos and he will look over it. Understand that he can be extremely busy with real life, the chance of getting an answer is at late evenings.
Please make sure your answers are NOT in bold. That will make them hard to read and your report or unban appeal.


Report player/admin form:

Your name:


Who are you reporting?


When did it happen? (Please provide an estimated time, this makes it easier to check our logs)


Explain what happened:


Screenshots and/or other proof:


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Due to the circumstances of more and more people asking us to return their stolen accounts to them a general information:


Please note that you are responsible for your own account. Any account "hacking" due to having weak passwords or sharing your account data with others will NOT be processed by us if there is no solid proof from the beginning on that the account is actually yours.

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