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16 hours ago, V1SH4L said:

Oh my god, one of the best times in my life(gaming wise). TG will stick with me forever! That intro will  always be featured in  every work i make MTA related. Love this community and this has taught me so much personality wise. Will always cherish the moments that were spent here with everyone! Especially knowing one of my best friends @Siisti-C. Thank you @TommehWe'll stay in touch for sure!

Always love, TG ❤️


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22 hours ago, Tommeh said:

We didn't have a fancy server, big development team nor the best
CW team that was out there.

Oh, hellyeah we've had it. I'm sure the beautiful memories will be kept with some of us for so long as this was the community we've grown up with and you always have those nostalgic thoughts of your childhood.  I've met lots of people and I'm thankful for all the time I've spent here. During TG's peak in 2012-13, while it was at the top of mta, we've achieved so much, and definitely had the best community out there. Glad to have been a part of it. 

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Despite all the shit we've been through, this is where I started my MTA journey and it's a name I probably won't ever forget. To all the devs that put any sort of effort into making TG what it was and the players that I played with, talked to, battled for toptimes against and shared memories with, thank you.

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I was waiting for this announcement, looks like it's de jure and not just de facto as well. I was thinking of coming up with some great speech but in the end, I decided to go with a short message. 

I had a rocky relationship with most people at TG but I still spent hundreds of hours in this small community and I had my best and worst moments here. I'm truly sad to see it go down, it was obvious way back in 2017 but I still had some hope that it would survive, unfortunately, it didn't. 

Anyway, I hope you folks good luck in real life and if TG ever comes back, I will be one of the happiest people out there. 

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