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Introduction of N17r0

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With this post I'm here to introduce myself a bit more to this community. Let me start by telling you a bit more about myself, who I'm, where I live and my story with MTA San Andreas. My name is Adam, I'm 18 years old, I was born on December 11, 2000. I currently live in Poland in a small town located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, Olecko. In the game I'm guided by a nickname that has been with me for some 2 years, N17r0. My main interests are volleyball, pyrography and motorization. Every day I go to the 3rd grade of IT. Outside the school, I go to the gym and to the volleyball training club KS Perła Olecka. I'm characterized by ambition, diligence and perseverance. Sometimes when I've time I also like to burn something in wood. I also have my own websites on which I operate under the name Ukassiu and ukass360, they came from my second name, Lukas. 



Now, maybe I will tell you about my history with MTA San Andreas and about the clans where I had the opportunity to be. I started my adventure with MTA San Andreas in 2015, starting with 4FUN servers. After a short time playing of 4FUN servers I found a server Twisted Gamers on which I found the mode on which I play untill today, Shooter. Twisted Gamers was the main server on which I played. Thanks to the Shooter mode I got to know a lot of various servers on which I also played and they were 3lite Racers and European Pro Gamers. Currently, the only server on which I play is FFS Gaming. Untill now, I had the opportunity to be in two official clans, they're Dream of Speed and Most_Damnation. In addition to the Shooter mode, I like sometimes to play on Race mode, which is my second favorite mode. As for the clan that I mentioned above, Dream of Speed is a clan for race mode players. I spent a little over a month in this clan. The reason for my departure was, among others, my considerable inactivity caused by a large amount of education and as I didn't want to spoil the image of the clan, I decided to leave it. As for the Most_Damnation clan, this is a clan for shooter players. In this clan, I had opportunity to be twice, together for about 3-4 months. The reason for my departure was sending the application to another official clan. Actually, I'm in the clan of Zero Gravity, who used to be an offcial clan for players playing the race mode, but for a long time the clan is no longer official and is looking for players who play in modes such as Race, Shooter and Destruction Derby.


Thank you very much for these who have carefully considered my post, have a nice day, N17r0

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