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[Modelling Tutorial] How to create your own Carshade (Small Basic)

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Hey guys,
since a bunch of people asked me how to create Objects for MTA, long ago I decided to do some Tutorial Videos about that.
Actually this is the first Tutorial Video I've ever made and also the very first time I edited a Video with Sony Vegas 16, so don't judge too hard, the actuall focus is on teaching, which is achieved properly good I think.

Difficulty Information: EASY

What you'll need:

- Blender: Download

- ZModeler: Download

- Colleditor: Download

- TXDWorkshop: Download

So here's the Video: 
This is the Tutorial Folder which includes: An example script to import the model into the game, the model and the texture: Download

I hope you enjoyed the video, and also I hope you learned anything.

I'll obviously not do more of these Videos because of I'm pretty bad in doing such Tutorial Videos as I noticed, in the other point you can freely message me and ask me for private lessons on how to create specific Objects like Rocks, Buildings etc via Discord: DaXx#7898

Best regards
Edited by DaXx

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