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Battle Royale

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Hello guys , since this type of games became very famous i'd like to know , which do you prefer or which ones do you play? I personally i don't have any of the most famous  (i refer to fornite and pubg )due my pc can runs well :( I'm poor :( BUT in any case i'd like to know which is your favorite and the reasons that you thinks that :)

Fornite or PUBG ? Why you choose one instead the other? If you don't play any of them , then mention the one that play :)

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Well, i play both, but they are too different in too many things, if you want to play sneaky, hiding and some things like that, choose PUBG.

With Fortnite, i should say you will have more fun, it is more "simple"(for me) to play, making buildings and play different gamemodes.

Other thing that i have to say is, PUBG requires much more cpu than Fortnite, sometimes you will suffer fps drops too, at the start of the round(without counting all the bugs)

In my opinion, i prefer Fortnite.

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