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[DM]Castiell Ft. ??? - Vice Senpa

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I was considering whether I should finish this map and a friend of mine told me that no effort is worthless so I remodeled some parts and fixed a few things here and there, I also added more track and some deco so here it is.

PS. The video was supposed to be in 4K60FPS but good guy YouTube's been processing it for the past 12+ hours so I got bored and decided to post it, usually it doesn't take this long... Besides if it was a full map I would have waited.

Recommended Quality: Whatever is the highest right now lol


SONG: Vicetone - I Hear You

INFERNUS: Micra v5 with Nitroshi Wheels Edited by Castiell

If you wanna finish it leave a message here or add me on Skype at Castiell.philip

I also record maps so feel free to contact me.



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51 minutes ago, Cathrine said:

nice map what is that effects called again and the nos mod?

Thanks!, as for the effect which one are you referring to ? and for the Nos, I'm not using a mod, I'm using the Rectool to set the nos color to black.

Edited by Castiell

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