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GeroX's map that has been made in only 1 hour

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Just in case if some of you didn't get what's the concept. It's an apocalyptic design. There has been chaos in the city, wars and murders and a little society has left the city and moved to forests of county. You see a little base of that expelled society in the design. That's why you see a food tables, weapons, offroad vehicles and a tower in the map. Also it's all covered around with fences (and invisible walls, you can't go out of that zone).

If this map gets implemented, i am also willing to work on a script that admins can start a zombie event in this zone and players kill zombies to get some bucks into their pockets. Just an idea.

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14 minutes ago, Mazda said:

Honestly I dislike it, doesn't look like a bar at all

It's not a bar. It's just a lobby design. NPCs are going to represent characters like Priest (you see a little bible and cross signs there), food shelter workers and mercenaries around, unlike the old concept, bartenders and normal citizens around.

Did you dislike the concept or the map itself?

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