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17 hours ago, Lukas said:

Personally, i love the 3.0, the best thing about it, it's REAL, coz if it would be another fail.. TG would be probablly dead for real now.. :) overall, keep up the hard work Developers, and best of luck with the improvements :)

now i can leave MTA, waitting is over! :P

I appreciate you.

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Hello everyone. I wasn’t around for a long time. You might wonder who I am. I am a player who is here since ‘13 era. After I saw TG’s current situation, I remembered the old TG and I felt really sad. It’s really tragedic that such a server lost It's popularity like this. Why everyone stopped playing here, I really wonder. I must have missed a lot of things when I wasn’t around. Anyways I’ll keep it short. My opinion about the update is positive. I went online today and liked the update. I wish the best work for the developers. Hope to see the old TG and It's resurrection.

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