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[DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance [DL]

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Hi, I present my first map: Resonance
This is easy map, good for non-advanced players.
I invite you to watch the movie :)
I greet all TG players






► Map: [DM] Sewix v1 - Resonance

► Game: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas
► Gamemode: Race Deathmatch
► Drivers: Sewix, Konrad & LamboX

► Song: HOME - Resonance

► Download:!h89wVQwI!jYH8HnefieOuxVObG2BJJQ

► Infernus: vM1cra v3 with Spoiler
► Shaders: Shader Panel 1.1.0 by Ren712

► Recorded: Nvidia ShadowPlay
► Edited: MAGIX Vegas Pro 14

► Do you want me to record your map?
► Contact Skype: Sewixio

► Thanks for watching :)

Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion or entertainment reasons only.
Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us.
I have no intention to make any profit on this song, but use it as entertainment.
All the rights go to the producer(s) of this song.

Edited by Sewix

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I see what you're trying to do with your v1. Basically, you want to make an easy map for non-advanced player and the track is totally fit with the "non-advanced players" words. But the fact is, the deco can make them confuse and you worked really hard for the deco. But the deco is really amazing including the skybox that you used from DaXx (I'm just guessing it). As for the record, I see that you're trying Gus recording style as he did on his Vol. 11 video. Well, the map is pretty good and the track is not that bad. Good Job. I hope you will work harder next time :)

Edited by xT4ngY

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