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[THEME] Twisted Gamers 'SX-MAS'

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Hi hi folks, I been working on this fancy theme lately and I'm already coming up with its release, I'd also work on an Infernus skin christmas themed but unfortunately I had an issue with gta/ggmm and gave up xd.
So here we go with some screenshots preview ( it looks pretty better in-game though)




Download here
How to install:


Firstly find your MTA directory with the sequence ahead, may be like this

 ( MTA San Andreas 1.5/MTA/cgui/), copy and paste the folder "images" in there. It might ask you to replace with the current one, click yes and go to the next step.
Go to the following directory  (MTA San Andreas 1.5/skins) and paste the file 'TG-XMAS', in-game go to Settings then Interface and select 'TG-XMAS', that's it!DMZEnCw.gif

Stay tuned for any further update and please report any bug/issue just in case * Reminder: I recommend you to use it in 1920x1080 resolution & English language
I hope you all enjoy it and mainly Merry Christmas ♥,


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