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Vote for Redo script suggestion

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Hi TG community, i've an suggestion about this /vr script.

usually it's work with 70% vote.


Vote redo
Voteredo has been added to deathmatch, old school & FUN rooms. You can vote to redo a map by typing /vr in chat. You shall need 70% of the votes to redo the map.

Suggestion: Let it's depend on Players.

For example:

Me, Fano and Dan playing Shooter map. Me and Fano used /vr command to redo it. then next map will be restart.

but when map redo suddenly someone joined for example sensei joined. so we've used our ability to do vr on this map but Dan and Sensei still can do it. then make will restart again.

70% must required but who didn't /vr last they can do next means each map can played by 3 times. or maybe more but who used /vr then he can't until the map changed.

Hope you understand.

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