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I feel cheerful right now, thank you for this opportunity. It's an honor to be in such a huge team. I'll try to give my best for the community and won't waste this chance. Also, my dear congratulations for others developers who made it into the team and the promoted trials. Congratulations also for Flag’s Addiction, they did a great job during all the tournament.

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First of all, great news Dan, well written!

I would like to congratulate @Boudi @pieT and @-Leon- for joining us as developers, I'm sure you will do great things.

Plus, I wanted to congratulate my old friend @Mousy for taking my place as a Shooter manager, you are the best choice and I know you can handle this role perfectly.

About the CTF tournament, gz FA (2pros) :c ( @Mecha you were great!)

ah, we will never die. #hype #tg3.0 #wearecoming

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I'm really excited. First of all, I would like to a congratulate to the new trials in TG, and also winners of the CTF tournament. You all deserved it! :579dcf9d3fd8c_EmojiSmiley-09:

Screenshots and innovations seems very cool. It will be much easier make bigger progress with new developers in TG ( @pieT and @-Leon- ). Keep doing guys! :579dcf9c570ac_EmojiSmiley-05:


Yours Trend.

Edited by Trend

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First of all, well written Dan.
Congratulations to members who have been promoted, new developers and those ones who have a task inside the team, I'm sure all of you will do a great job.
Also thanks for everyone who participated on the CTF tournament and FA members, it has been funny and I enjoyed to play with such a good team.

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First of all Dan, my sincelery compliments for this well written announcement! 

I am glad to have been given this wonderful oppurtunity to be working as a shooter manager, it is a big honor and something I have been realy achieving for! 

I would also like to thanks each of you for the believe in me and would like to congratulate one of my best friends for joining the team! @Boudi. Congratulations my friend, it is defenitely well deserved! 

I believe the ranks have been given to the completely right persons and I am sure none of them will dissapoint the leadership or community, let's make TG great again!! 


Keep on rocking guys! Never give up!


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