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[DM] Fro ft. #Oxygen - Skills Not Included

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Hello Community of Twisted Gamers,

Today I want to present a map called "Skills Not Included". This map were made by Fro and Oxygen. It's really enjoyable map and It's a little bit buggy.

That's why I fixed some parts by my Own. Especially, Space + A part which is literally a backwards part and It's buggy.

I removed the Rooflite so that part is possible to pass. With Rooflite, It's not passable and yeah. I know the video are more faster than usual because of my FPS ingame while recording 1080p.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed it :)






Infernus: vM1cra V5 remake by BlueRay (Private)

Light: BMW M5 By NitroN (Requested by Swalox)

Song: Illenium - Leaving





Want your map record? Contact me on:


Discord: xT4ngY YT#1665


Plus, I won't record any hard maps anymore. 

No more hard map request.



P.S: Huge Thank you to @BlueRay98 for Making me an Infernus. I really Appreciate his work even though is spent his free time just to make an Infernus.

Thank You @BlueRay98 once again.




Download link:


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